Types of Air Rifle Pellets: Learn More on These Pallets with Details

If you want to experience a smooth shooting or want to practice for a long you need to choose the right type of air gun pellet. A right pellet can give you the most accuracy with high power. So for picking the right pellet, you need to know about the types of air gun pellets. This article can help you in this regard.

Basic Types

The air gun pellets come in different shapes, designs and materials. If you know the details of these it will be easy for you to pick the best one according to your preferences and activities. There are basically three types of air gun pellets. They are– 

  • Diabolo Pellets
  • Slug Pellet
  • Modified bullet Pellets 


Diabolo Pellets

Nowadays the diabolo pellet is the most widely used pellet. Most of the air pellets are categorized on this type. It is also called wasp waist or waisted pellets.

The heavyweight and ideal gravity make it best to use. It can deliver a muzzle velocity of 240 m/s if the power of the air gun is set to 16J. Comparing to its head and skirts it has a narrower pellet. All these give the form of a diabolo.

The head of a diabolo pellet can be strong, while the skirt of this pellet is empty. This pellet is basically popular for its shape. As this shape can also significantly effects the performance of the pellet. The heavyweight also ensures the high speed of the pellets.

The specific shape and form of the diabolo pellets are set to deliver two of its best-known characteristics: steadiness and accuracy. JSB Match is producing the best-selling diabolo pellets. The heavyweight and ideal gravity make it best to use. The Giant Solo is also recommendable for the shooters or others. The others type of pellets that are categorized in this type are-


  • Wadcutter Pellets
  • Pointed Pellets
  • Domed Pellets
  • Hollowpoint Pellets
  • Round lead ball Pellets
  • High-Velocity Pellets
  • Hybrid Pellets


Wadcutter Pellets:

Wadcutter Pellet is a common and the most standard choice for short-range target shooting. This pellet can be used in self-defense too.  It has a flat nose and can create a perfect round hole to the target. For short range like 20 to 25 yards or 20-30m, it can work easily. So if you are thinking for short range shooting like small game hunting or pest removal then this wadcutter pellet is best for you.

They are very light in weight and the maximum bullet velocity is about 900 ft/s (274 m/s). So it can be clearly said that this pellet is inappropriate for distance range shooting. Though it has low velocity but has as excellent accuracy.  This pellet is basically used in indoor games or handgun and air gun competition.

The pellets come of different types – HBWC (Hollow Base Wadcutter), DEWC (Double-ended wadcutters), BBWC (Beveled-Base Wadcutters), and SWC (Semi-Wadcutters). Among these types, HBWC has the lowest velocity and can drop smoothly under heavy loads.

Crosman has manufactured quality pellets of wadcutter and undoubtedly these are incomparable. Wadcutter pellet .177 caliber is highly recommended pellet for any target shooters. But for high range shooting, this type is not preferable. 

Price range of Wadcutter Pellets:

Wadcutter is likely an affordable one for every shoot lover. The price starts from $5 and can higher up to $20 (per 500 counts). Crosman Copperhead 500 Wadcutter is the most selling one. Some top-rated wadcutter pellets are-Gamo Match Lead-Free Flat Nose and Crosman Dual Ammo BB 350 ct/Wadcutter Pellet.


Pointed Pellets:

Pointed pellets are basically designed for best penetration. They have sharp, pointed heads. This pellets can give the advantage of better precision and limit. Their aerodynamic shape and lightweight can impact well at medium ranges. Their velocity is quite good for the shape and can hit the objectives at medium ranges. But in the long distance, these pellets are not working as much as expectation.

Pointed pellets are not worked in high powered air guns rather it works best in low to the medium powered air gun. This pellet has a great accuracy along with ideal subsonic velocities. These features make the pellet to shoot flatter and penetrate well at the aim within range.

These pellets have a huge number of buying customers and the most selling models come from RWS, Beeman, H&N, and JSB. In spring or gas, ram guns pointed pellets are used mostly. The target shooters should try .25 calibre pointed pellets for their target shooting. It can give them a good experience.

Price range of Pointed Pellets:

The pointed pellets are a little expensive. But the maximum range is about $4 to $28 (per 250 counts). Here are some top-rated pointed pellets that’ll I suggest are -Crosman Pointed Pellets, Skenco Blue Arrow Pointed Pellets and Predator Newboy Pointed Pellets.


Domed Pellets:

The domed pellet is well known for its versatile quality. It is ideal for powerful air gun. It has a heavy, round head and creates more take-down power at long distance. Domed pellets have the best aerodynamics than other kinds of ammunition.

The other names of this pellets are a round-nosed pellet, dome head pellet, rounded pellet, and roundhead pellet. They have the best accuracy along with muzzle velocity. They hit harder at long distances. Basically, these pellets are used in field target, chasing and target shooting at long range.

This pellets are also best in quality but cheap in rate in comparison with other pellets. These pellets are found in all shapes and sizes. Crosman Premier 7.9-grain, JSB Diabolo Exact 10.2-grain, and Eley Wasps are some of the best -selling domed pellets and all are .177 calibre.

Price range of Domed Pellets:

You can get the Crosman domed pellets, .22 calibre (500 counts) within $9.90-$46.99. But another brand H&N Sniper Magnum Pellets .177 calibre is costly. It costs $69.95-$175.95 (per 300 count).


 Hollowpoint Pellets:

Among all the airgun pellets the hollowpoint pellets have the most extreme effect as you’d expect from its name. Somehow the outlook of hollowpoint pellet is comparable to wadcutter pellet and working procedure is very similar to domed pellets. They have a hollow on the head and a curve area right on the end.

These pellets are best in short range target shooting or hunting or pest control services.  It works in the maximum distance up to 25 yards and the design of the head of this pellet takes into expansion when hitting an aim. By unloading their energy fast, they can easily expand their target. Though for hitting the target they need sufficient velocity. But all this cannot happen in long distance.

They are intended for quick development in the game. Some of the well-known selling hollowpoint pellets are the Beeman Crow Magnum, RWS Super-H-Point and JSB Predator. RWS and JSB are .177, Beeman is .22 calibre.

Price range of Hollowpoint Pellets:

Haendler & Natermann H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets (per 400 counts) cost more or less than $11.99-$175.95. Skenco Ultrashock, .25 Cal, 23.50 Grains, Hollowpoint, 75ct is also a good one and can be in your list of purchase.


Round lead ball Pellets:

It is exactly round and ball as per mentioned in the name. Because of their aerodynamic design, this pellet is best for all-around shooting and also hard-hitting. This pellet is also secure to use in many air guns. It is not likable for high-powered air rifles.

The round shape of the pellet can penetrate deeper than other pellets. They can be used on hard targets with the highest range to the distance and here the penetration is applied for energy transfer. Gamo Round Lead BB Pellets is manufacturing the best round lead ball pellets.

Price range of Round lead ball Pellets:

This price range varies from $13 to $49 (per 250 round ball pellets). Gamo, Daisy, and Umarex are the well-known manufactured brands of round ball pellets.


High-Velocity Pellets:

If you are looking for the maximum speed then it can be the one that you are looking for. The outlook of the high-velocity pellet is different from the other pellets. The basic difference is that it is designed for maximum speed with different shapes.

Though it is also lightweight as materials are not coming from lead which is eco-friendly too and also have the ability to travel fast. This pellet utilizes plastic sabots for a superior seal with the barrel.  They have approximately speeds of 1,200 FPS and beyond and are designed for maximum speed. With higher velocity, they can penetrate the aim.

One of the greatest weaknesses of high-speed pellets is their poor flight qualities, especially at a long range. For small hunting, to medium range shooting, high-velocity pellets can aim perfectly. Heavier high-speed pellets made with high calibre will normally have a superior effect than low-quality ones.

Price range of High-Velocity Pellets:

These high-velocity pellets come in 500 quantity tins with acceptable pricing range. The price range is about $5-$6. The Winchester is the most common and popular brand name for high-velocity pellet.


Hybrid Pellets:

Hybrid pellets are also a very common type of air gun pellet. The other name of the pellet is variation pellet. It’s difficult to order mixture pellets as they come in such a large number of shapes and style.

They have the ability to give high penetration. Along with some advantages this type of pellet has drawbacks too. Crosman is producing some world classes hybrid pellets which are strongly recommended for the gun lovers.

Price range of Hybrid Pellets:

This pellet price range can vary from $9-$18 (per 100 tins). Some suggested pellets are RWS Hyper velocity airgun pellets, Umarex RWs Hyper Velocity, etc.


Slug Pellets: 

Recently for the PCP air rifles, more cylindrical-shaped slug pellets have arrived in the market. They are used for hunting or pest removal. These pellets have more contact surface with the drag and consequently more impelling power to overcome the friction.  They contain harmful poison to slugs and snails.

Basically, they contain two types of slug poison ingredients- Methiocarb and Metaldehyde. Though both are poisonous but can work in different ways. Methiocarb type is mostly banned in many countries as this is a threatened to children and wildlife.

Again, Metaldehyde is less poisonous but still toxic to raise a concern about our wildlife. As we know for our environment animals are important, so if you are looking for slug pellets you should think twice in this matter.


Modified bullet Pellets:

Modified bullet Pellets are mainly for professional shooters. It is more than a pellet. It can be said an air bullet. This pellet is also lightweight and large in size. It also has a great aerodynamic profile. It is best for large animal hunting but it is not legal in most places. 


Air gun Pellets Material 

There are several different materials from which the airgun pellets are made of. But the most used materials are common for all. The basic materials are- lead,lead-based alloy, tin, plastic, copper, etc. Most of the diabolo airgun pellets are made of lead and lead-based alloys. However, nowadays people are opting for lead-free pellets as it can be toxic and can cause various health problem to cancer.


Most popular calibers of air rifle pellet  

Mainly there are four major calibers for airgun pellets that are used worldwide for shooting, hunting, plinking or pest removing. They are-.177, .20, .22, .25 calibers. The weights and sizes of the pellets create a direct impact on its velocity as well as accuracy.


The best pellet type  

We cannot mention which is the best air gun pellet type. As there is no standard to check it out. Because different people are searching for different criteria to choose the right one for them. So according to their choices and comfort, it can vary from people to people. But we can suggest that for short-range shooting wadcutter is more preferable whether domed pellet is suggested for long-distance shooting. For the target-shooters, the pointed pellet can work great. Also if you want to experience hard-hitting then the round-lead ball is for you and for the high penetration experience high-velocity pellet is beside you. 


Suggestion for choosing the right pellets  

Pellets are made of thin lead and can be created in a different caliber. These air gun pellets are of different kinds according to bullets and shots used in guns. But choosing the right one for your air gun is most important. Depending on your shooting the types of air pellets should be changed. Picking the correct pellets can impact exactness and power. In fact, pellets are considerably more significant with air guns than it is with conventional guns. Like for plinking, you don’t need to choose the best high-knockdown power airgun pellet. But for target-shooting or hunting, you need to choose a pellet that can give good penetration. Again, for long-distance shooting, you’ll need a round-head pellet. So before purchasing the right pellets for you, you should know the types of the pellets and decide which one can fulfill your desire.


So if you want to make the most out of every shot you need to choose the right pellet for your air gun and target. You’ll enjoy the best blends of velocity and down-range by choosing the right one for you. According to your preference, abilities, and range, you can enjoy the adventure of shooting. Happy shooting !!


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