Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review


Are you fed up with using expensive bullets? Then, it’s time to buy a new air rifle which is powerful and can provide you with a long-distance shot. So, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is that affordable product you can choose for you.

The Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is the top one from the popular Ruger brand. The company is well known for providing quality shooting items. If you expect an air gun from Ruger, the Blackhawk is powerful and highly accurate.

This rifle comes with some wonderful features which you will enjoy. With the low noise and highly comfortable mechanism, you’ll love the time during hunting with it in the woods.

I love the powerful velocity of this Ruger Air Rifle. Also, the built-in sight system helps me to hit the pest with proper accuracy. It also has some efficient features like noise-reducing capacity and comfortable design.

If you are looking for such an air rifle with high accuracy and great power, then check out the features of the Ruger Blackhawk in the in-depth Ruger Blackhawk air rifle review section.

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Gun Type

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is a Spring Piston air rifle. Most people are familiar with this spring-piston air-rifles. This type is the simplest air-rifles to shoot, keep up and possess. Ruger Blackhawk works by the power of a cylinder compressing the air before it to control a pellet. That means, the spring is discharged and drives a piston forward, moving a pellet out of the barrel with the pressure of air. When the gun fires, a strong spring or charge of compressed air drives the piston. The majority of this occurs in a matter of seconds.

The gun is easy enough to cock and requires less or more than 30 lbs. to cock it. The right position can make you all day and you can cock your rifle and shooting it for the whole day without straining your wrists.

This is a single shot break barrel air rifle. That means you can just shoot at a time. This single-shot air rifle gives you command over ammo and makes you a superior shooter since you realize you need to make the most of your first shot.


Break Barrel and Other Features

The Ruger Blackhawk is a break barrel air rifle. It gives you an unlimited shooting capacity. The using procedure of break barrel system is very easy. The break barrel after every single shot can take some time for getting used to it. After firing a shot, you have to pump the barrel every time, and then you can fire bullets again. This option will seem little unusual for some of the shooters. However, it will get easier with very few users.

You can use the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle manual to have better learning of the different features of this gun. This mechanism along with other Ruger Blackhawk air rifle specs will become easier to use. The safety will automatically set to avoid an accidental discharge when you cock the gun. So, when you are ready to fire, only then it requires pushing the safety lightly.


Comfortable and Durable Stock

Comfort is the key with regards to having an effective shooting session. This airgun is designed to ensure the best of comfort and ease with an ergonomic stock and grip for the users.

The stock of the Ruger Blackhawk is made from a full black composite material. Besides, this stock has a pattern of checkered grip on the forearm sections and the pistol grip. The checkered grip is on both sides to make the air rifle usable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Moreover, the composite stock has much more durability than wood stocks. The stock can withstand to sun, water, and dirt with only slight cleaning. Then, the butt of the stock comes with a rubber recoil pad. It will allow you for comfortable pressure when you will start the rifle for a shot.

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Dual-Sight and Scope

The Ruger Blackhawk has two sighting options. The one is the built-on fiber optic sights. It is the best option for those who want to get ready immediately for shooting by just seeing the target. The second one is the included 4*32 scope. This one is for the people who want to add some accuracy on their target to shoot perfectly. It uses a nitrogen-filled 4x enlargement scope that is resistant to shock, water, and fog. The scope will show the target 4 times nearer to you than you can see it on eyes.

When you set your mind to purchase an air rifle, you need to keep in mind that you have to check the sight carefully at the time of purchasing. So at the time of purchasing you must plan to spend a little time to adjust your sights.

The built-on settings will not work all the time. You’ll need to adjust the minor settings by your own. The Ruger provides you the instruction guides for adjusting your sights.” Achieving Accuracy with an Air rifle“- this online guide program will help you in this regard for achieving the more accurate shot.



The rifle comes with the two-stage adjustable trigger and the trigger pull is about 3 lbs. By using a break wall it separates the first and second stage of firing. And you’ll be almost ready to shoot after breaking the wall. But a little pressure is required to shoot.

The advantage of the two-stage trigger is that you’ll need less muscle effort to break it. By applying a little force you can release the sear. So what’s more, with lighter trigger full, less power rises to progressively precise shot.

The trigger is made of metal and can be adjustable whether it is light or heavy. It has an automatic safety feature. When you’ll flip the auto safety, you’ll be ready to rock.


Auto Safety Considerations

You must have to remember that the air gun is not a toy. The Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle is one of the powerful weapons. It’s a must to follow the Ruger’s guidelines for operating with safety. However, in the case of safety considerations, the Ruger includes a safety mechanism.

Maybe the auto safety setting feature won’t be very important to many shooters. But it’s a blessing feature for the people who have kids or children. Certainly, it reduces the risk of the kid gets an accident by the pulling trigger.



.177 caliber pellets are the main source of ammunition for the Ruger Blackhawk rifle. The internal diameter of the .177 caliber is 4.5 mm and this. 177 pellets are very popular, cheap and also very light in weight and can provide a higher velocity to achieve the same muzzle energy. For target shooting and small game hunting, this pellet is the first choice for many. Also, it is available and the most popular in the market.



Accuracy is the main feature for shooting. It is a great factor for shooting the right object. Every serious shooter needs a rifle that can provide the maximum accuracy while taking their shots.  This Ruger Blackhawk will not disappoint you with its accuracy. Rather, you will find it as a perfect air gun in case of accuracy.

Undoubtedly the closer you are to your desired target, the more accurate the rifle is going to be. Within 50 yards it can deliver the most accurate result. The accuracy result is 70%.


High Power and Velocity

Power is the main feature of a rifle. With it, you can achieve great performance in shooting targets. The Ruger Air Magnum Combo air rifle uses .177 caliber pellets which blast out of with the 1000fps velocity.

This higher velocity provides you with great power to shoot the pests. However, there are many air rifles which have the power to shoot small birds. But only high-velocity air rifles provides with the power to deal with the larger pests.

So, power is not the only thing for dealing with pests. On the other hand, velocity alone is not enough for shooting with high accuracy.

However, a pellet which can shot with the higher velocity will make your shots more accurate. So, if you like target shooting or plinking, the extra accuracy of the high-velocity air rifle will surely make a big difference.


Dimensions and Weight of the Air Rifle

The dimensions and weight of the air rifle are ideal for most shooters. The gun weight is about 6.95 pounds that is easy to carry and use as well. Also the overall length of 44.8 lbs. is helpful to hold the rifle. The 18.7 lbs. barrel helps in this regard too. Moreover the 3 lbs. trigger pull gives you a smooth shooting experience.


Specification of Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

  • The renowned American Ruger Company is the manufacturer of the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle
  • It comes with the 0.177 calibers (4.5mm)
  • The ammo type is pellets
  • It uses a spring-piston mechanism
  • It is a break barrel rifle
  • The barrel style is rifled
  • It comes with the rubber buttplate
  • The cocking effort is counted as 30 lbs.
  • The velocity of the rifle is 1000 fps for lead pellets and 1200 fps with the alloy pellets
  • The rifle uses all-weather ambidextrous composite stock
  • The gun weight is about 6.95 pounds
  • The overall length of the rifle is 44.8 lbs.
  • The barrel length is nearly 18.7 lbs.
  • The loudness of the rifle is counted as 3-Medium
  • It has one magazine capacity
  • It is a single-shot air rifle
  • It has built-on fiber optic sight
  • It has fiber optic rear sight
  • It has a two-stage adjustable trigger
  • The trigger pull is about 3.3 lbs.
  • It has an 11 mm dovetail mount rail
  • It includes 4*32 scope
  • It comes with the automatic safety mechanism
  • The rifle is suggested for small game hunting, plinking, etc.
  • The rifle comes with the one-year limited warranty program


Specification of the Scope

  • It includes 4*32 scope with 11 mm dovetail rings
  • The scope can be 4* magnifies
  • It has the 32 mm objective lens
  • 1” tube and ¼ MOA is included here with duplex reticle
  • The parallax setting is unknown
  • It has the 29” field of view within 100 yards
  • 3” eye relief is found here with 8 mm exit pupil
  • The scope is 12.9” long


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Produce Lower Noise for Shooting

There’s a possibility that you’re interested in practicing backyard shooting. In that case, you need that type of gun which is nearly silent. So, here is the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle comes with a .177 caliber which can ensure you a much quieter shot.

With the other efficient Ruger Blackhawk air rifle specs, noise-reducing is also effective in target shooting. If you’ve experience of using air gun before, you must know that the air gun is a little louder. Still, this air rifle is the quietest one which you can choose for you.



A little maintenance can make the rifle long-lasting. A little application of RWS Air Chamber Lube for every 1000 shots can keep the cocking mechanism perfect for a long time.

Also, try to clean the bore thoroughly to get rid of the rust inside the barrel.

With the use of RWS Cleaning pellets the barrel can be cleaned and can be able to deliver great accuracy.

Tightening all the screws before shooting and the experiment of different pellets can enhance the rifle’s life.


Shooting Range and Intended Use

The ideal shooting range of the rifle is about 50 yards. Within the 50 yards for the heavy construction and all-weather proof stock, it is best for hunting small animals such as- rodents and squirrels. Also for plinking and pest removing it works well. Thus the way it is a backyard friendly air rifle.



To use the air gun there are some laws. These laws differ from state to state, country to country or city to city. But the common fact is one should be 18 years or older to buy any air gun. So before purchasing you must have sharp knowledge about this. As air guns are not considered as airsoft or toy guns, so it is recommended to use under adult supervision. Otherwise, misuse or negligence may cause serious injury to health.

  • The muzzle always should be pointed in a safe direction as there are a few safe “conveys” depending on the circumstances and always try to treat your air rifle as a genuine one.
  • Always keep the air rifle on safe mode until you are fully prepared to shoot. And the best practicing is to treat every gun as if it were loaded.
  • Be very clear about your target and what lies beyond. Then aim in a safe direction.
  • Never store a loaded gun. It may cause accidental action like a serious injury to death.
  • Safety glasses should be worn by the people who are nearby a shooter or intended to shoot
  • All the people near a shooter need to stay behind the shooter
  • Always try to avoid ricochet and not to take shots at hard surfaces or the outside of water. The pellet may bob off or ricochet and hit a person or thing you had not proposed to hit.
  • Try to keep the muzzle clear and not to enable the muzzle to interact with the ground.
  • The unused gun should be unloaded or de-cocked
  •  Never show off your air gun in public. It may confuse people or consider as a crime.
  • Do not change the shading and markings to make it look progressively like a gun. That is hazardous and might be a crime



From the date of retail purchase, a one-year limited warranty will be issued. If any defects in material or craftsmanship are found then it is also transferable. For replacement defected parts and labor this warranty receipt will be needed. The original receipt of your purchase is needed to qualify for this warranty program. But if there is no receipt then, the product is warranted for one year from date of manufacture. So try to keep the warranty receipt carefully.


Value for Money

The price is unimaginably cheap considering its features and quality. You might get a shock by seeing the price tag. The Ruger Blackhawk is a value for money product. It costs only $90. That means less than $100 you get a hard-hitting, powerful rifle.

But you may get different price listings online. I got the cheapest price n e-commercial site Amazon.


  • Comes with a high velocity of 1000 fps to shoot the birds
  • Doesn’t create harsh noise during pest and bird hunting
  • It is a lightweight solid air rifle
  • It has a shiny, attractive fiber optic sight
  • It comes with the dual sighting option
  • The sturdy material makes the rifle water, shock and fog proof
  • The using procedure is easy with the simple cocking mechanism
  • Most of the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle specs are impressive
  • Made with durable composite metal to last longer
  • Both left and right-handed people can use this air rifle
  • The checkered grip is on both sides makes it very comfortable
  • Has an easy to use safety mechanism with this Ruger rifle
  • The rifle is accurate with the 4×32 scope for different ranges
  • Comes with a very low price despite the overall quality


  • Break Barrel feature may seem little unfamiliar with users
  • The continued recoil process can  loosen the screw from your rifle
  • The scope of the rifle does not stay attached to the dovetail easily


Why should you choose the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle?

When you choose a product there’s always stay some reasons behind this. Like this for choosing the Ruger Blackhawk has some key factors too.

  • The Ruger Blackhawk has an appealing design with some innovative features that attracts the users most
  • For learning how to shoot this air rifle is the best choice as it offers very easy shooting experience to the newbie
  • Comparing with the features and design the price is affordable
  • It is considered as one of the multipurpose ammunition rifles
  • The sturdy material makes it shock, fog and waterproof and help to enjoy the hunting adventures
  • Also, the durability of the rifle makes it a price-worthy product


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Customers Feedback

The Ruger Blackhawk has huge hype among the old and new users of it. It is considered one of the favorite rifles among the shooters.  People also give many reviews and comments about the product. The price is competitive as compared to its features and design. The users of the rifle love the performance, support and the quality of the product.

Also, the durability satisfies the customers a lot. The accuracy and the velocity are quite amazing that the users give a 5-star rating for this specification. It is a backyard friendly rifle and people love the features of it.

Though some negative reviews for the break barrel and the recoil mechanism have it can be overcome easily.

Overall rating of the product is 4.6 out of 5 stars that are satisfactory enough for choosing the air rifle for your own or as a gift item.


Final Verdict

Ruger Blackhawk is a ticket for removing pests or backyard within an affordable price. The excellent power along with the great velocity will help you to learn how to shoot. Also, the easiness of its use makes you a fan of the rifle. Believe me, at the end of the day you’ll be the winner for having such a wonderful rifle.

Start your happy shooting with your excellent Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air rifle!

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