How to Remove Rust from Air Rifle | Most Easy Techniques

Rust is considered as one of the biggest enemies of all metal objects like- firearms, collectors, and others. It doesn’t only destroy the value and appearance of an air rifle but also it harms the performance of the rifle.

As rust is oxidation of iron oxide, it can break down and converts the metal of the item to iron oxide. Less maintenance, moisture, scratch or many other things can make your air rifle rusty.

But you no need to worry about this case as you can get a solution easily for this problem. This article is about this also.

A proper coating, using the right amount of lubricant, electrolysis, proper coating or paint can remove the rust from your air rifle and give you the powerful, vintage looks air rifle to you again.

The Reasons behind the Rust of Air Rifle

Air rifles are made of metals and rust happens on air rifles since they are made of metal article. We know that rust is a form of corrosion that happened on the metal things like-steel, iron, etc. This rust occurs when iron or one of its alloys, such as steel reacts with oxygen and there is water or heavy air moisture present. Rust can make damage to an air rifle or reduce the performance of it. Sometimes the trigger or butt also doesn’t work properly for it. There are plenty of reasons behind this rust. We need to identify the reasons-

Storing Rifle without Proper Cleaning

After every use of the rifle, the gun gets dusty and become dirty. In this case, the gun needs to be cleaned. But sometimes people forget or willingly keep it in the same way. As a result, the gun starts to become rusty.


Keep you air rifle without the case

If you use rust-free case for your air gun then you can store your rifle there but most of the case the rifle cases are made of iron. As a result, the rifle gets rusty. So try to avoid air rifle case when you store it.


Using Air Rifles on Humidity Areas

If the metal comes with the contact of moisture it gets rusty. Humidity areas are full of moisture. That’s why air rifle gets rusty.


Working Period

During the working period or practicing session the rifle comes closer to dust, moist or other things which are not suitable for the rifle. As a consequence the rifle starting to gather various unwanted things on the rifle and become rusty.


Human Body

The human body is the most common source of producing rust. Sweat, spit, saliva or other things can produce a huge amount of rust. As air rifle always comes with the contact of the human body, easily it gets rusty.



Sometimes when you use the rifle for different purposes, it gets some scratch marks. This scratch marks can turn into rust within a short time. When scratch comes on the outer part it harms the outer look too.


Corrosive Chemical

When the air rifle comes with the contact of some corrosive chemical it starts to produce iron dioxide which is the form of rust. So the rifle starts losing its performance and outer look too.


Evaluate the damage:

The very first thing you need to do is find out how bad the rust is. Because mainly there are two types of rust – one is deep rust and another one is the light rust. So it is very much needed to evaluate which kind of rust it is. As for two types of rust you need to take different steps.

Air rifles can be affected by various false compounds. From the car’s back seat to the human body can produce rust. So it’ll be easier for you to take action when you get the rust types.

If you find light surface rust, then you’ll in need of mild oil and the best steel wool. More deep rust needs increasingly concentrated items. The corrosive chemical gets a scope to harm your gun if it is used inappropriately.

Special care to the barrel when you’re going to check the gun can lessen the harm of your gun. When you’re undoubtedly sure about the unloading of the air rifle then try to find out whether the rust has spread down the barrel. If it has you’ll need some nylon brushes in different sizes up to the real bore of the weapon. Gun Cleaner is very prescribed by various shooters and is good for general finishes.


The most common techniques of removing rust from Air Rifle

Using Lubricant

To remove rust lubricant can play a vital role. Any kind of oil can be applied to remove the rust of an air gun. From cooking oil to hair oil all can be worked well. Also, many oils are specially designed for air rifle. The gun oil will relax the rust and making it simpler to clean.

But you need to be careful when applying gun oil. You must have to be sure whether the gun is unloaded or not. If not then unload it then apply a very little amount or some drops of oil to remove the rust and let it sit for around 5-6 minutes. After waiting for 5-6 minutes use paper, tissue or metal brush to rub the rusted surface in a round movement. Also, try to give less pressure as it can harm the gun structure.

Also, don’t use a large amount of oil at a time. Apply more if the rust doesn’t move fully. After expelling all the rust use a cotton cloth or paper to wipe the surface of the rust.


Using Solution:


Blue Wonder Solution

Blue wonder is known as a gun care product. This product provides you the solution to the gun maintenance issues, especially works as a rust removal. It is considered as the most nature-friendly rust removal solution. It doesn’t contain any toxic products like other air gun cleaning products. It is an ideal way to clean the gun without environment pollution.

For using Blue Wonder you’ll also need steel wool or metal brush. To wipe the rust from your air gun apply blue wonder solution apply a small amount of blue wonder solution and set it for around 15 minutes. Then rub the rust off your air gun with steel wool or metal brush. Next, clean the gun with a napkin or cotton fabric and try to add some gun oil to prevent future rusting.


WD-40 Solution 

WD-40 is the trademark name of a rust removal spray that is made of penetrating oil and water. This is one of the most well-known and undoubtedly a magical rust removal solution. It does not only displace moisture but also greases up gun parts.

The using method is very basic. You need to spray and rub away on the surface of rust and wait for more than 20 hours and re-spray it. Meanwhile, the solution starts to remove the rust from the metal parts. Then wipe the surface with a cloth or a napkin, and you got a rust-free air gun.


Using Steel Wool

Steel wool is a professional cleaner which is used to scrub to remove rust. It is also known as iron wool or wire wool and used as an abrasive in finishing and repair work for polishing metal objects.

Steel wool is the most popular thing in removing the rust. When you’re cleaning an air gun, the rough material has a vital effect. Inappropriate apply to the material can make harm to the completion of the gun. Using steel wool is a great good technique to remove rust from an air rifle.

Steel wool can be used properly with some drops of oil or proper amount of vinegar or other solvents. Pour some drops of oil or any good types of lubricant in the rusted area and use it as a gun cleaner. Then use the steel wool in the rusted area. Carefulness is a must while doing the procedure. As much pressure can ruin the air gun. If the rust stays, return the procedure once more, until the air gun winds up rust free.


Electrolysis is another best way to remove rust from an air gun. The air gun which is mostly made of copper, aluminum or a compound of these metals is the best choice to apply the strategy. Electrolysis is a process whereby passing an electrical charge through a metal dibbed iron oxide as the chemical name for rust can be removed. This procedure is very simple. Only the correct materials are needed here. For speaking material you’ll need a plastic compartment, a steel pole, a battery charger, hammer washing soft drink, and a gallon of water.

For electrolysis, a positive and a negative terminal will be needed. For electrolysis, you need an electrolyte solution along with an anode and cathode. Here, blending one tablespoon of hammer washing soda with a gallon of water in the plastic container will be worked as an electrolyte solution.

Then immerse one end of the steel bar into the electrolyte arrangement. This will go about as the anode or the positive terminal. Then try to associate a rusty piece of your air rifle to the battery charger and dunk it into the electrolyte and this rusty gun will turn into a negative terminal or the cathode. Try not to connect the charger to a power source yet, as this can conduct electrocution. After the all set up, plug the battery charger into a power source and permit the set up to sit for some hours. If you look upon the rust after two or three hours you’ll get that rust is eradicated. Then you can wipe it with a cotton cloth and apply some lubricant.

Depending on the amount of rust, size of the tool and the amount of power used and the patience of yours the process will give you result. As long as you leave the rusty gun in the solution the more rust will eradicate and you’ll need to work less to finish the cleanup.


Using Acid

Acid is a great solvent for removing rust. A proper quantity of acid can dissolve the rust. Most strong chemical rust removers are strong acids. So for that, it is a very powerful at the same time an easy and simple method. As these acids do most of the work for you.

All you need to do is simply soak the rusty parts of the gun in the solution or can spray it on the rust and then wait for some time. The time depends on how large and rusty parts of your air gun are. After acids work on the rusty parts, simply wipe the rusty goo off the surface and you’re ready to go.

You can either use vinegar instead of commercial rust remover. It also works the same. But it may not remove all the rust. On that case, you need to scrub the rusted surface with your brass brush.


Using Dremel

With the passes of time or for much uses air gun’s humidity can be gone and it can make rust spots on a gun. By using the Dremel rotator tool easily this problem can be avoided.  They’re made of great silicon carbide and are perfect for activities, for example, expelling rust from old firearms, evacuating trigger serrations, removing extends, cleaning up damaged airgun, removing rust from the surface and so on. To use this product at first need to be sure whether the gun is loaded or unloaded. After fully unloaded the gun needed to use the Dremel against an oiled rusted surface. Use napkins or paper towel to wipe the rusted area. Repeat the process until you get a spotless gun.


Turtle Wax

Turtle wax is another great solution to remove rust from an air rifle. It is easy to use and works unconditionally great. Apply compound onto a sodden instrument or cotton towel over a little region, rub into surface utilizing a forward and backward movement. Then wipe it with a perfect, dry fabric. It works well.


Dura coat

Dura Coat is a permanent solution for removing rust. It is just like painting cars. It is a two-part chemical coating specially made for air guns. If you use it your tension will release automatically as it is a strong solution. Trying to remove Dura coat can damage the air gun.


Some tips

Some Tips or procedure is needed to maintain for getting the best result-

  • Safety is the first and foremost thing you need to maintain. Before starting removing rust make sure that the air rifle is unloaded or not. If it is not unloaded then unload it and start your work.
  • Always try to keep your focus on the working areas. For this, you need to choose a working region that is relentless and calm. It’ll help you to be focused on your cleaning procedure.
  • Try to keep papers or newspapers, tissues or towels for collecting the wastes and other issues.
  • Spot the weapon steadily with the goal that it doesn’t move while cleaning. Also, attempt to keep the weapon pointed toward a path that is protected. Generally, there are chances of getting misfired if the firearm is stacked.
  • Try to apply a little amount of oil as too much oil can harm the parts of the rifle. So be careful in this step.
  • The gun can be damaged if you apply much pressure on it. So try to be gentle when you’re rubbing it for removing rust.
  • If the rust doesn’t go properly, you need to repeat the procedure to make it rust-free.
  • After the initial removal of the rust, try to apply another coat of lubricant.
  • After completing the whole methodology, reassemble the parts that have been separated and store it in a sheltered spot.
  • Try to avoid using a brush that is more abrasive than your gun as different materials have a different level of hardness. So for that use dry copper brush.
  • Don’t soak the rusty rifle on sugary cola as it can damage the air rifle.


 An awesome restoration process video by “Random Hands channel”

How to Prevent Rust from Air Rifle

It is best to take prevent than to take steps. Prevention is better to cure. If we only take some steps it’ll help us to prevent rust from an air rifle. So what we need to follow is-


Store the rifle in a cool, dry and safe place:

After using the air rifle try to store it in a cold and safe place for ensuring the security. But keep in mind that the gun should be unloaded. Also, the temperature should be an effective one. That means the moist place or humidity should not be allowed. This can damage the rifle. So be very careful when storing it.

Routine cleaning:

It is always true that if you need anything lasting long you’ll need to take care properly. Proper maintenance can make anything very special for a long time. So regular cleaning can prevent from an air rifle.

Minimize the humidity:

A small amount of water can lead your air gun to start the rusting procedure and much humidity create moisture as well. This is threatening for air gun to make it rust. To absorb the extra moisture silica gel can be used to store the gun or dehumidifier can be used in the room to maintain the extra moisture.

Protect from bad weather:

Bad weather is really bad for air gun. Bad weather like-raining, snowing or so on can reduce the dryness level and can lead the gun to get rusty. As water is the main element of corrosion, you should be careful about it and try to keep it dry as much as you can.

Added some protection with a spray:

High quality of anti-rust spray should be added after following the daily routine care. It will help to keep the moisture level as required and will also prevent from getting rusty.

Use a sock to cover up:

It is a very useful storage element to prevent air gun from rust. As soak is made of thick fabric, it will help to cover the air gun and prevent from getting rusty.

Zip the air gun properly:

Another way to prevent air gun from rust is used as a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or VCI. This is a zipper which can create a vacuum seal to balance the moisture level.

Vapour emitters:

It is an available handy small device works for controlling the moisture level and keep the gun rust free.



It is very common for gun owners to fight with this rust. But if owners take some easy steps it’ll lessen their efforts in this case. A few steps can remove the rust from air rifle and can provide tension-free hunting or practicing session. A proverb goes- “prevention is better than cure”. So try to follow the preventing steps for experiencing the best result.

In the meantime, good luck for removing the stubborn rust from your air rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!

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