Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Review | Great Gas piston Break barrel Rifle

Every shooter has a wish in mind to belong an air rifle with amazing features and quality. At the same time, the budget also arises on the mind. And it makes him or her confused about his choice and preferences whether he could afford his desired one or not.

But this Hatsan 95 is here to erase all your tension.  This air rifle comes with such amazing features and quality that makes you crazy about the product.

Gun Type

Hatsan 95 is Spring Piston powered air rifle. There are a cylinder and a coiled spring inside the chamber. It works by the power of a cylinder compressing the air before it to control a pellet. When you cock the gun, the spring is packed. Then when you pull the trigger, you make the spring decompressed so it makes the cylinder push ahead. That means, the spring is discharged and drives a piston forward, moving a pellet out of the barrel with the pressure of air.

When the gun fires, a strong spring or charge of compressed air drives the piston. The cylinder development makes the air compacted and the pellet is moved out of the muzzle because of the power from pressurized air. The majority of this occurs in a matter of seconds.

As it operates by using coil spring, so you can enjoy the smooth and easier shooting. The new shooters can enjoy the shooting for its mechanism of barrel loading. This spring-piston air-rifles are the simplest air-rifles to shoot, keep up and possess. So undoubtedly it is a perfect choice for the beginners.

Hatsan 95 comes with three types of calibers- .177, .22 and .25. According to your preferences, you can choose your desired caliber and it will not make any differences to your design of the gun. The barrel is rifled and can do a single shot.

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Three types of calibers are used in the rifle for the source of ammunition. The ammo for each caliber are like- .177 cal uses .177 pelts, .22 uses .22 rounds and .25 uses .25 pellets. .177 pellets are very popular, cheap and also very is light in weight and can provide a higher velocity to achieve the same muzzle energy. For target shooting and small game hunting, this pellet is the first choice for many.

.22 is heavier than, 177 and has more knockdown power to hit the target with a perfect performance. It can deliver 20% more power than .177 cal. So for that, it has the hunting supremacy for field hunters and pest eliminators.

Again, .25 is heavier than .22 and has less velocity. So if you are willing to hunt small game, then you have to know about the difference between .22 and .25. As .22 is suitable for hunting the small critters just in one clean shot whether larger critters like- raccoons, the coyote can be killed by this .25.

More than one options are opened for the users of Hatsan 95. So take a breath, test different type of pellets and find out what works best with your gun in a short time.



The Hatsan 95 has been known in the market for years for its beautiful and genuine outlook. Do you know what has made the outlook classy? What draws your eyes to it immediately?

The Turkish Walnut Stock has changed the outlook of the Hatsan 95 with the traditional look with a dark finish. It has a butt cushion made of a delicate elastic material for absorbing the shock. This Turkish Walnut Stock comes from 200-300 years old walnut trees and is high in color and grain with a full figure. This stock gives a handsome and classic outlook. Not only the outlook but also it offers durability, rigidity and a long-lasting life cycle.

Moreover, the SAS (Shockwave Absorber System) helps to absorb recoil and decreases kickback from air rifle pad. So for that, it reduces the noise and vibration. Also, the ambidextrous design gives the opportunity of enjoying the fun of shooting for both the left hand and right-hand users without any problem. The forearm and grip on the stock provide non-slip checkering and more accuracy in shooting.



The real fun part of this air rifle comes with its sights. If we look at the front sight then we can find that the front of the air rifle has a red fiber optic sight that is set over the muzzle brake. This is additionally an extraordinary positioning that helps when you need to load pellets into the barrel.

Again, the rear yellow fiber-optic sight can be balanced for elevation and windage. It accompanies click alterations and works incredibly with the front sight.

The rear optical fiber sight provides you .035″ green sighting while the front optical fiber sight provides .060″ red. So, if you are a fan of target shooting, you can choose it for the accurate target.

It uses Tru-Glo fiber optics sight and it includes micro-adjustable rear sight and a front sight to make every shot more accurate. These fiber optic sights help the users to focus on the objective at shooting time.

Moreover, it has quicker sight alignment, faster target acquisition, and clearer sight pictures. So for shooting in any situation like- dusk-dawn or low-light condition fiber-optic sight is the best choice for the shooters. The exactness, however, is greatly assisted by the Optima scope that accompanies the rifle.


Optima 3-9×32 Hatsan 95 Scope

The scope is a very important thing for the air rifle. This is the thing that gives this air rifle the shot exactness required. Now with the present extension, the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo’s precision is for the most part dead on and can be made shockingly better if you choose a different scope.

So you should pick it for having the shot accuracy. The extension accompanies double lens, 2 pieces of the mount, click adjustment dial, completely covered optics and a hex wrench. Here all you need to do is simply put the mount and join the extension to start utilizing it. These Tru-Glo fiber optics have an 11mm dovetail.


Two-stage Adjustable Quattro Trigger

The Hatsan 95 has such an exclusive trigger that comes with unique features. It is a Two-stage Adjustable Quattro Trigger and is gold plated. This two-stage trigger allows for pull weight, length of travel in the first stage and second stage adjustments.

The high power in this rifle implies that there is more recoil. When you check the side of the Hatsan barrel, you will see the SAS logo. This implies it has a safeguarding framework or recoil pad that enables the shooters to control this substantial and powerful rifle when in real life. It lessens felt pull back.

The customizable trigger has 2 levels of modification that help to decide the pull weight and travel length in the wake of the shooting. The rifle instrument is a conventional metal spring for simple use.



This rifle provides different velocities by the uses of different calibers. By using the .177, .22 and .25 calibers it provides 1000 FPS, 800 FPS, and 650 FPS respectively. The shooters or the users have the freedom to choose the calibers to their preferences for having their desired velocity. But this velocity rate may vary from brand to brand. These velocities are considered as standards.



The accuracy level of the Hatsan 95 is incredible for the shooters as well as the users. By using different calibers you can get a deadly accurate result. But by adjusting the sights you can get more accuracy. Within 50 yards this can give the best accuracy.

So try the air rifle within 50 yards!!


Power & Speed

It is an extremely powerful rifle with a very good speed. For beginners and young shooters, the rifle provides the best power with manual and automatic cocking safety.


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How to operate the air rifle?

Shooting with the Hatsan 95 is fun. But some steps need to be followed seriously for shooting-

At first, you need to grab the muzzle, break and pull it down until the cocking mechanism latches. Then for loading, the pellets insert the pellet into the breach. Now you are in the position of returning the barrel until it clicks. Finally, you are ready to fire. By turning off the safety try to take your best shot.

With the single-shot design, you need a minimum 32 lbs. of cocking effort to cock the gun and every time needs to be cocked. The two-stage adjustable Quattro Trigger system requires 1 lb. 3.3 oz. for the first stage and fires down the pellet at 4 lb. 14.2 oz.



  • Caliber: 0.177 cal, 0.22 cal, 0.25 cal
  • Velocity:  1000 fps (.177 cal), 800 fps (.22 cal), 650 fps (.25 cal)
  • Ammo Type:  Pellets
  • Action: Break barrel
  • Barrel Style:  Rifled
  • Cocking Effort:  32 lbs.
  • Fire Mode:  Single-shot
  • Gun Weight:  7.8 lbs.
  • Overall Length:  44.3
  • Barrel Length:  17.7
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Loudness:  3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity:  1
  • Shot Capacity/ Repeater: Single-shot
  • Mechanism:  Spring piston
  • Optics:  Variable / 1 inch Tube
  • Rail:  Dovetail Mount
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Safety:  Automatic
  • Stock:  Turkish Walnut stock
  • Buttplate: Rubber
  • Scope:   Optima 3-9×32
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Trigger Adjustability: Two-stage adjustable Quattro Trigger
  • Fixed/adj. power: Fixed
  • Use:  Pest Control / Plinking /Target shooting/ small game hunting
  • Warranty:  1 Year Limited


Noise Level

Spring-Piston air rifles are pretty loud, especially the first time you shoot. After using it for a while it reduces the noise level and gets quieter.

But the Hatsan 95 is very quiet and the customers are not dissatisfied with the noise level from the first shoot. It produces very little noise. So you do not need to be worried about the noise level. You can concentrate on your target without any hesitation.


  • It has a gorgeous attractive looking
  • It is well-made with good quality finishing
  • It is made of durable steel barrel
  • It has excellent Monte Carlo stock
  • It has the fabulous Turkish Walnut stock
  • The ambidextrous design facilitates for easy shooting to both left and right-hand shooters
  • It belongs to the improved shock absorption technology
  • The vibration of the rifle has reduced by the shock absorber system
  • It produces a good accuracy in close range
  • It has the mind-blowing power
  • There is no need of barrel seasoning to get good shots off
  • There is enough safety mechanism to ensure no injuries occurrence
  • It has the awesome fiber optic sight


  • It is a bit heavy for the shooters
  • The scope and mounts need to be improved


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Shooting Range and the scope of uses

Hatsan 95 can work its best within 50 yards by producing great velocity and accuracy. This spring-piston air rifle is mainly used in target shooting, plinking, pest control, and small game hunting.



It hardly needs any care. But routine cleaning with proper instructions can make it long-lasting definitely. But try to avoid any lubricant oil. Rather use oil gun with every 250 shots. Also to keep the charm of your rifle always clean the barrel with cleaning rod for every 500 shots. Be careful to unload or de-cock the rifle before storing it in a safe place.



  • 18 years or more age is required to buy this air rifle. Under 18 people are not allowed to purchase it or use it for any reasons.
  • Your all necessary documents will be needed to prove your age before purchasing the product.
  • Always use safety instruments like safety glasses, safety caps, hearing protection while shooting.
  • Until you are fully prepared for shooting try to keep the air rifle in the on safe position.
  • Before storing the rifle make sure that it is unloaded and the safety button is on.
  • To prevent unauthorized access lock your air gun in a safe place.
  • For loading, the pellets never depend on any stacking pointer or security system. Continuously treat your air rifle as though it was loaded.
  • Sometimes the serious injury can be happened due to pressure in the fill hose. So to avoid it detach the fill hose from the air gun.
  • The unused gun should be unloaded or de-cocked
  • Do not use any petroleum-based lubricants into the high-pressure reservoir or it may cause an explosion.
  • Also, avoid to repair the air gun or to disassemble to correct overfill or valve lock without the help of an expert. It may the cause of parts fly at a dangerous speed.
  • Do not use this product without adult supervision as it may cause serious injury to death.
  • This product can expose chemicals like lead which is threatened for cancer, birth defects and harm to the reproductive system.



From the date of retail purchase, a one-year limited warranty will be issued. If any defects in material or craftsmanship are found then it is also transferrable. For replacement defected parts and labor this warranty receipt will be needed. The original receipt of your purchase is needed to qualify for this warranty program. But if there is no receipt then, the product is warranted for one year from date of manufacture. So try to keep the warranty receipt carefully.



The price is unimaginably cheap considering its features and quality. You might get a shock by seeing the price tag. It costs only about $140. Can you believe it? Walnut Stock, steel barrel, and attractive appearance all these costs only $140.

But the price listing can be varied in different e-commerce sites and stores. So check it carefully to get it at the lowest rate.


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Why should you choose the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle?

  • This is a silent air rifle and gives you the advantage of silent shooting
  • It is very user-friendly for beginners or less experienced people
  • It uses a shock absorber system to reduce the vibration and increases the lifespan of the rifle and other components
  • It has great accuracy with great power
  • It can provide great velocity
  • It has enough safety mechanism
  • It is easy to take shot by pointing your target
  • The quality of the rifle is standard


Customers Feedback

The customers of these air rifles are fully satisfied with the product. If you go through the reviews, you can find that they are not rating it 5 stars or commenting below the product for their satisfaction towards the product but also they find it a joy to shoot and use for own. The handsome, attractive, eye-catching look attracts the customers most. Also, the walnut stock, Monte Carlo ambidextrous design with great sights make the rifle demanding one. Most of the positive reviews have a consensus that under $200 with such amazing features this rifle is best to satisfy the customers. Along with numerous positive reviews, you’ll get some negative reviews too. Most of the negative reviews are about the scope and mount as these are not able to meet their expectations. These are minor issues and you can overlook it without feeling any problem at all.

Final Verdict

The Hatsan 95 is the best value for money product. Under $200 with such exceptional quality is unbelievable. This gun is a champ itself and can shoot like a pro. So after buying this you don’t need to buy other guns. So grab your one and start happy shooting !!!!!!!!!!!!

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