Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle Review | Noise-free Air Rifle

If you browse the market for the best air rifle with some crazy and handsome features then the popular gun maker Gamo is going to introduce you with the new Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. From the name of the rifle you can easily guess that it is an amazingly silent air rifle. It produces a higher velocity with the help of compressed air.

So if you are looking for performance rifle with proper safety mechanism then Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is the perfect air rifle for you. So check all the specifications, pros &cons with the full review and decide whether you want to buy it or not?

Gun Type

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle is a spring-piston powered air rifle which is known as the most familiar air rifle all over the world. And we know that spring-piston air-rifles are the simplest air-rifles to shoot, keep up and possess.  In the spring-piston air rifle, there is a cylinder and a coiled spring inside the chamber. When you cock the gun, the spring is packed. Then when you pull the trigger, you make the spring decompressed so it makes the cylinder push ahead. The cylinder development makes the air compacted and the pellet is moved out of the muzzle because of the power from pressurized air. The majority of this occurs in a matter of seconds.

The gun is easy enough to cock and requires less or more than 30 lbs. to cock it. The right position can make you all day and you can cock your rifle and shooting it for the whole day without straining your wrists.

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Design of the Gun

The design of the gun is made by this way that it can be suitable for both the learners and propelled shooters. It is a break barrel with spring cylinder framework. It makes the weapon simple to use without any upkeep.

The barrel length is about 18 inches with 4 pounds of trigger pull. As it uses two-stage adjustable smooth action trigger so it will give you a smooth shooting experience undoubtedly. Though the trigger is of adjustable length a few more features can make it more user-friendly.

Also, don’t get puzzled for the one action mechanism because your Gamo Whisper will provide you a high damage level by just one shot.

It uses the fiber optic sights with the adjustable for windage & elevation rear sight. If you want to kill the unsuspecting squirrels and pesky vermin from your backyard then the recommended sighting scope that is 40 feet can show you the ideal distance.

The dimensions of the rifle are about 46 inches in length and 6 inches in height with a thickness of 2.5 inches. It weighs less than 6 inches.


The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle uses PBA Ammunition and this can enhance non-lead alloy to generate velocities up to 30% faster than most lead pellets. According to that, it can fire at 1200 fps velocity with PBA, though reducing a smaller with 1000 fps when using the .177 lead bullets. This air rifle provides you with incredible firepower with higher velocity. This excellent velocity speed will enhance your shooting performance drastically.

Undoubtedly, the mounts and PBA Ammunition will enhance your experience about hunting with an air rifle. This high-powered air rifle is best for adult and ideal for plinking, pest control, and small game hunting.


You can get your aim perfectly when you can find a comfortable grip with relaxed muscles. It will not reduce tension only but also improve the performance with every shot. The skeleton stock of the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat provides you this quality with a professional, tactical look and design. Though it appears bulky and beastly but is lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Also, the features of all-weather synthetic stock endure recoil and other shocks. It also highlights twin cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting and a ventilated rubber pad butt plate for absorbing recoil. The all-weather synthetic stock is tough and keeps going long with lesser consideration.

So if you do not want to pay for something that can impact on your shooting or feel you uncomfortable then choose the Gamo Whisper. It will not disappoint you by its modern appearance.

Adjustable Trigger

The Silent Cat air rifle has an adjustable and second stage trigger which is also a great feature. It also features a manual trigger safety. But the little heavy trigger pull makes it sometimes difficult to get accurate shots. Some people have no issues with the trigger.

Besides, beginners and children may find this little difficult to pull hard. So, give a try of pulling the trigger before you purchase. However, you can easily replace the trigger mechanism also if you need.

Furthermore, the black synthetic stock is very comfortable to hold the gun over a long day of shooting. So, this is also an important aspect as it also increases accuracy.


It is one of the highest-powered air rifles that exists in the markets now. The outstanding power makes the rifle powerful enough for squaring in on small animal pests. The power and silence of the rifle enhance gradually when used with lead pellets


This Gamo Cat offers flawless accuracy. Within the 60 feet, it narrows on its target precisely. By using all most all the pellets it gives excellent accuracy. The accuracy level is 90% which is undoubtedly an impressive one.

This rifle is a handy tool for any task which you can use to get great performance at a high level without any problems.

So, the accuracy of this gun makes it a perfect choice for backyard shooting and sports shooting. Furthermore, it also allows you for quick and clean kills frequently.


It is a solid choice for both small game hunting and target shooting with a .177 caliber pellet at a velocity of 1000 feet per second. But with the PBA ammunition, it can move at a faster speed with a velocity of 1200 fps.


The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle is precise and dependable with each shot. So from the first time shooters to professionals, it is easy to cock and control.

4*32 Scope

If you go through this review, you will be convinced of the power and noiseless shooting of this rifle. Well, the scope will also match to the standards of this Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle.

The Silent Cat rifle comes with a 4X32 scope with mount, and fiber optic sights which help inaccuracy against the moving targets. As like the other model: Gamo Hornet air rifle, this scope provides clear sight of the targets. This scope is preferable for mounted shooting.

So, the scope is all right. It’s a bit far from a top-of-the-line riflescope, but if you get it sighted in once, it can easily do your job.


How to operate the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

It is fun to shoot with the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. By following some steps you can make the shooting great.

At first, grab a pellet and then break open the barrel. Next, insert pellet and close the barrel back. Now fixed your aim and pull the trigger. Now you are ready for claiming your prize.

So start your happy shooting with Gamo Whisper.


Specification of the product

  • Caliber: .177 cal
  • Max Velocity: 1200 fps with PBA ammo, 1000 fps with lead pellets
  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Barrel Length: 18.0″
  • Overall Length: 46.0″
  • Shot Capacity: 1
  • Cocking Effort: 30 lbs.
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Trigger: Two-stage adjustable
  • Scope:   4×32 air rifle scope with rings
  • Buttplate: Ventilated rubber
  • Suggested for: Small game hunting/plinking
  • Trigger Pull: 3.79 lbs.
  • Action: Break barrel
  • Stock: Skeleton Stock
  • Grip: Ambi
  • Color: Black
  • Safety: Manual
  • Powerplant: Spring-Piston
  • Function: Single-shot
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Weight: 5.28 lbs.
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty

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Noise Level

As the rifle’s name is Silent Cat, it’s fundamentally silenced. But it doesn’t mean that it has a lack of power as a result of quietness. This is one of the high-powered air rifles of Gamo products. But the noise dampener is the most attractive feature which is worth highlighting.

However, the noise dampener makes the sound of the shooting about 50% quieter than other most of the air guns. This noise dampener is mounted to the rifle’s barrel. It makes the rifle remarkably quieter even with the higher velocity shots.

Therefore, you can enjoy the peace of the environment of woods during your hunting. Also, maybe your neighbors will thank you for not disturbing them with the noise of your gunshots.

Best Uses and Shooting Range

This rifle can work best within 60 feet or more for small game hunting or plinking. Besides these, for backward pest removals, it can give you the best result. As the gun is spring piston type, it is easy for shooting the desired target and achieve it with the maximum accuracy.



Everything needs maintenance for long-time use. Similarly, it needs good maintenance for long-lasting use. Before storing always clean the rifle barrel in the same way as when loading it. Also, avoid using lubricant oil in the barrel and make sure that the rifle is de-cocked or unloaded. Always store your rifle after proper cleaning and given a light coat of oil. Try to keep it in a clean dry place for having the best result. It is also suggested that store the product in a case with proper anti-corrosion material. As it is designed to look, handle and function like rifles, so you should ensure its access by children and unauthorized users. So always try to keep it in a safe place for avoiding any subsequent misuse.


You need to be aware or abide by some laws before purchasing the air rifle. These laws differ from state to state, country to country or city to city.

  • The gun should be operated under skill adult supervision to prevent any accidental incident.
  • For loading, the pellets never depend on any stacking pointer or security system. Continuously treat your air rifle as though it was loaded.
  • The safety must be on until you are ready to shoot
  • Be very clear about your target and what lies beyond. Then aim in a safe direction.
  • Safety glasses should be worn by the people who are nearby a shooter or intended to shoot
  • Always use hearing protection for safety purpose
  • All the people near a shooter need to stay behind the shooter
  • Before storing the rifle make sure that it is unloaded and the safety button is on.
  • To prevent unauthorized access lock your air gun in a safe place.
  • Try to keep the muzzle clear and not to enable the muzzle to interact with the ground.
  • The unused gun should be unloaded or de-cocked
  • Under 16 people are not permitted to use this air rifle
  • Always try to avoid ricochet and not to take shots at hard surfaces or the outside of water. The pellet may bob off or ricochet and hit a person or thing you had not proposed to hit.
  • This product can expose chemicals like lead which is threatened for cancer, birth defects and harm to the reproductive system. So use it carefully and in a safe position.



This product has a one-year limited warranty after the date of purchasing. If any defects in material and workmanship are found then it is also replaceable. For replacement defected parts and labor this warranty program will be worked. So the original receipt of your purchase is needed to qualify for this warranty program. But if there is no receipt then, the product is warranted for one year from date of manufacture. Also to valid the repairing service you have to show the warranty receipt.


The suggested price of the product stands at $239, but the Silent Cat can be found for $100 less. The price range varies from store to store or various e-commerce sites. So before grabbing one for you check the price lists.



  • Has strong shooting speeds and velocity of 1000 and 1200 fps
  • This air rifle has a perfect noise damper to decrease noise
  • Provide 52 percent less noise to help you concentrate on targets
  • Comes in very high-quality construction and design
  • The rifle has an incredible accuracy
  • Will let you comfortably shoot with the Gamo Whisper air rifle
  • It has an easy to use piston technology in shooting
  • Comes with a 4X32 scope with mount for accurate shooting
  • The skeleton-stock allows easy handling
  • All-weather, the synthetic stock makes the rifle both durable and lightweight
  • The rifle is comfortable enough to use in all aspects
  • The cocking safety and the manual trigger safety makes the rifle very safe


  • The trigger may seem a little harder to pull during hunting
  • The scope needs to be improved

Why Should You Buy The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle?

  • The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle is an extremely powerful rifle with excellent accuracy. It can shoot all kinds of targets in one-shot even at a distance.
  • This rifle comes with amazing features that help it to perform great.
  • It is a budget-friendly rifle with crazy, handsome features that makes it popular one among the new users too
  • It uses noise damper to decrease noise and provides 52 percent less noise to help one for concentrating on targets
  • The safety mechanism ensures the safety of the users
  • It is easy to cock and load as well

Customers’ Feedback

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle receives a lot of reviews and comments based on several of its specifications. Many of the people who purchase this and use this air rifle are amazed by the impressive accuracy along with the velocity and lightweight. That is why many customers compared the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle with several other more expensive models and most of them comment that its performances and features are much better than many of the costly alternatives available in the market.

Also, quality and resilience is arguably the best one in its class and gets a lot of positive reviews. As it can provide 52 percent less noise, so customers can shoot tension-free without thinking about the disturbance of people. The one-shot feature with its aim is also praise-worthy by its users. It can take out the small game within one-shot.

Besides all these positive reviews, it also gets some negative reviews. Most of the users complain about its trigger and scope as they are not fully satisfied with the features. By modifying these qualities it can be improved more.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle comes with great features and performances. Also, it will feel good and comfortable in your hands. This is an amazing air rifle that performs consistently well for a long time.

With the in-depth Gamo air rifle reviews and comparing it with the other game modes like Gamo whisper fusion and Gamo silent cat rifle, I can fairly say this will be a perfect choice for the shooting enthusiasts.

Therefore, this rifle is an excellent choice of what money can buy in its category. So if you’re looking for an authentic quality made air rifle, then the product will be surely best for you.


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