Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Review

Are you a starter or an experienced hunter looking for a richly featured air rifle that’s not too expensive? The Gamo-Whisper-Fusion Mach 1 review is the way to go. This is because as years go by, Gamo has transformed the previously known recreational air rifles to serious shooting machines that will enable you to get rid of the troubling pests and predators off your surroundings for good.

In terms of features, the air rifle comes with whispered technology, the IGT MACH 1 among many other incredible features. Besides these features, it’s important to note that this rifle is compatible with both the .177 PBA pellet and the .122 PBS pellet. Below we will have a detailed discussion of the rifle’s features to enable you make an informed decision next time you want to purchase one. We first begin with a quick specification table outlining some of its major specifications.

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Highlighted Specifications
Item  Weight 8 Pounds
Length 46.5 Inches
Ammunition  .177 calibers, .22 calibers
Barrel Length 18 Inches
Trigger Pull 3.74lbs
Stock  Black synthetic
Rifling  Two grooves, 1:18″ RH twist
Receiver Steel

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Outstanding Features:

#1. Custom Action Trigger

You definitely want an air rifle that will provide you with several shooting options to fit your gaming preferences. This Gamo Whisper Mach 1 comes with a customized trigger action, which enables adjusting of your rifle to either stage one or two of the trigger into your preferred settings. There’s usually an opening set at the bottom of the trigger that gives the hunter access to the trigger adjustment, a tiny screw that’s placed immediately after the trigger.

Moreover, there is also a safety plastic lever in place that’s placed right in front of the trigger that needs to be pushed forward to enable target aiming The CAT feature also provides a smooth consistent release that’s satisfactory compared to that of other air rifles that are highly priced than this particular one.


#2. Appraised Whisper Technology

You don’t want to cause distraction to your target while using your rifle because this will end up making most of your hunting sessions a complete disappointment. For this reason, most hunters prefer getting rifles with the whisper tech capability. This outstanding Gamo whisper rifle features the whisper technology, also known as the noise dampening technology, to ensure that you go about your hunting activities quietly. The technology works with a silenced blast reducer placed over the barrel, which makes it one of the quietest rifles we have around. With this, you are able to get yourtargets easily without announcing your much dreaded presence.


#3. IGT MACH 1

For those who are serious gamesr, it goes without saying that you need a durable high performance rifle that will meet all your intense hunting sessions. This rifle comes in tow with a thoughful inclusion of IGT MACH gas piston that provides power, accuracy, smooth cocking and muzzle velocity. The IGT Mach I technology is a replacement of the previously used spring power plant. Once it’s cocked, this Inert Gas Technology gives a 1429fps velocity for a .177PBA pellet and up to 1020 fps for a .122PBS pellet.


#4. Air Gun Scope

To enable you get a clear shot of your target whether small or big this rifle features a quality 3-9x40mm air gun scope that provides top accuracy when all you need is getting a clear view of your hit. It also makes it easier to get your target at a close range or when it is far away.


#5. Recoiling Reducing Rail System

If you have been handling guns you know for sure that a large number of air rifles come with channels for mounting the scope rings. However, there has been a challenge with the feature in that it tends to fail in high power air guns due to regular recoil stress. The Gamo whisper brings about the RRR feature as a better alternative for that. The system gets rid of the recoil system stress that may come with the large air guns while fixing the scope rings. Eliminating the recoil stress enhances the scopes longevity as well. What makes the RRR system effective is its construction that is made of 2 pieces of aluminum divided by dual polymer struts that are highly efficient in shockwave absorption.


#6. Roughened grip Areas

Anyone that has used an air rifle with slippery grip areas can attest how disastrous it could be.  You keep losing targets and having wasted shots as well. To avoid such instances, this great quality rifle features roughened grip areas to provide you with a firm grip in all weather conditions. This enables you to enjoy productive shooting sessions both in wet or dry conditions.

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If you have been looking for a quality air rifle that’s capable of accurate small game shooting, the Gamo-Whisper-Fusion Mach 1 is ideal for you. The rifle is able to meet all your gaming needs including: hunting, targeting and competition and lastly pest control around your home. All you need to do is get to your favorite store, grab yourself
this incredible rifle and begin to give your gaming sessions a brand new thrill.

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