Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review

Air rifle is much more than a playing tool for the kids. It’s a powerful tool that has enough explosive power. So, you need a safety. Reliability along with the performance of an air rifle. And the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review comes with all of those with being noiseless and user-friendly.

Comes with a very light in weight, the air rifle has accurate target hitting capacity. Also, the performance that comes with the powerful Hornet of this Gamo guns safe makes it very popular items for the hunters.

The Gamo company is renowned for making quality rifles, guns and shooting accessories. And this Gamo Hornet is one of their top products. With the right ammunition, this rifle can produce excellent power to hit the targets properly.

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Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review

This air rifle has excellent hitting the target capacity during competitive hunting tournaments and normal shootings. The overwhelming performance is caused by the effective features of the Gamo Hornet hunting air rifle.

This gun also has durable construction and beautiful design. If you are interested in this product, then you can read this Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review further.

Sturdy Built Quality Makes Gamo Very Durable

This Gamo Hornet air rifle is made of hard fluted polymer covered steel barrel. So, the heavy duty materials make this rifle sturdy enough to endure immense pressure. Though the barrel of this rifle isn’t made with thick solid steel, you will be amazed at the heaviness of it.

I love the built quality of this rifle. Although, the lightweight of this model can make you confuse, actually the construction is solid and made to provide reliable performance.

So, hunting with this air rifle will be safer with more reliable, built quality with lack of danger of incidence. Also, the plastic stocks that are used in manufacturing this excellent air rifle are also very strong. This sturdiness makes this air rifle very long lasting.


Power & Performance of the Gamo Hornet Rifle

You will love the power and speed of the Gamo Hornet .177 caliber air rifle. This rifle can provide a velocity of 1200 fps with PBA Raptor pellets.With the lead pallet, the velocity is decent with 1000 fps.

This velocity makes the rifle very powerful for hunting small and also large pests. It is better than another excellent rifle: Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle. So, you can have a perfect performance with both lead and PBA Raptor ammunition.

With this Gamo rifle pulling the trigger needs some power.The 30 pounds of torque may need some strength of the hunters to pull the trigger of this air rifle. But, it is safe to say that the required power is not much for most of the hunters.

Lightweight Design for Comfort and Ease of Uses

If you are planning on long hunting, then comfort is one of the key aspects. With the comfort, you cannot continue proper concentration during shooting. The Gamo Hornet Air Rifle comes with the proper comfort with the soft but plate. This but plate is designed in a way that gives cushioned feelings and impact while pulling the trigger.

This softness comes with the rubber pad construction of the plate. Also, the manufacturer makes sure to make it with a very lightweight. So, carrying it for a long time is not an issue. Moreover, the lightweight makes it easier to target any pests in a more comfortable position with this best Gamo air rifle.

Accurate Sight and Shooting with the 4×32 Scope

This Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber is designed to provide proper sigh and accuracy. If you are looking for an accurate rifle for pest targeting, then you will be pretty amazed at the performance of the Gamo Hornet hunting.

Though this is a pretty good sight for 32mm diameter; you can have a better sight in the Gamo, cat model. Comparing between the Gamo Hornet vs big cat, the big cat model has slightly better sight features.

However, the fixed 4×32 Scope is simple and easy to lock any target. So, if you are looking to have proper sight of the birds, then you can easily choose the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle.

Safety and Reliability of Gamo Hornet

As we have discussed earlier in this Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review, using this rifle is safe. It’s because of the excellent built components and quality of this gun. The manufacturer makes sure the rifle doesn’t create any incidents. So, it is packed with high-quality materials.

The rifle is very reliable. You can use it for medium range target shooting. The scope and sight of the rifle provide excellent performance in hitting the target with accuracy.

The grip and forearm are coated with non-slippery texture. So, you can hold the rifle firmly. This non-slippery coat of the rifle makes hitting the targets unchanged after the shock of shooting. Also, the rifle provides quality service after lots of usages.

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  • Comes with excellent power with 1200 and 100 fps for PBA and Lead
  • Made of high-quality material to provide services for a long time
  • Has a very lightweight design to carry the rifle and aim targets easily
  • Has non-slippery texture on the grip to hold the rifle firmly
  • Comes with a relatively low price despite it high quality
  • The 4×32 Scope of Gamo is easy to lock medium range targets


  • Works with PBA pellets, which are little expensive
  • Doesn’t provide perfect sight on 40 yards with the scope

Final Thought

With comparing Gamo Hornet vs. big cat and considering the Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle, this gun is my favorite for its excellent power. This rifle is perfect for shooting small to large birds for the excellent performance and accuracy.

I also love the lightweight design. It lets me carry the rifle easily during hunting. Also, the grip and plate have an aproper softness for holding the rifle firmly during shooting. Also, the construction quality has proper durability and reliability. So, many of the shooting enthusiasts called this rifle as the best Gamo air rifle in the market.

With so many features, to make shooting easy, accurate and comfortable, the Game Hornet Air Rifle has a very low price. You are going to love this air rifle after giving it a few days of usage.

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