Daisy Powerline 880 Multi-Pump Air Rifle Review: Everything You Want to Know

Are you looking for a beginner’s rifle to get your young son or daughter into the world of shooting? If yes, then you came to the right place. This Daisy Powerline 880 review is your silver bullet into making the right decision. You know what, this rifle is ranking in the top five air rifles on the market.

Lightweight, a mixture of engineering resin and plastic, above-board muzzle power, and good looks are the set of package you are getting in this gun. You are also getting a shooting range of 291 yards, which is a generous gesture for a gun in this tier of quality.

The scopes and the comfortable feeling of this rifle in your hands will make sure you are not missing any of your targets. In other words, this is one of the most popular youth guns you can get your kid who is turning into a teen. You will not be disappointed, and I promise you will get the value of your money.

Most of the cheap air rifle on the market will have a shiny look. But they will lack in quality and features. Well, this Powerline rifle will surprise you with effective options and quality structure.

If you are interested in this air rifle you can learn more about advanced features in this review section.

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Daisy Powerline 880 Review

As I always say, the devil is in the details. I never buy anything without going over the features, and ascertaining how each one of them will benefit me or will be a hindrance. For your heads up, here are the features you should expect from this rifle. I will be candid and objective with each feature. My objective is to guide you to making an informed decision before you can splash any cash to make the purchase.


Product Specification

Action type Pneumatic multi-pump
Ammo capacity Single-shot pellet and 50-shot BB
Maximum shooting range 291 yards
Top approx. muzzle velocity For BBs 800 fps, for pellets 665 fps
Longest length 37.6 inches
Barrel material Rifled steel
Sights Fiber optic at the front, and adjustable sights at the back
Receiver Engineering resin. There is a dovetail mount for the scope
Calibration 4.5mm (17 cal) pellet or BB
Safety mode Blocking of cross-bolt trigger
Grip Monte Carlo wooden grain
Weight 3.10 lbs


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Attractive Design and Structure

Who doesn’t like an air rifle with attractive design and structure? The awesome structure and design of the Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit amaze you undoubtedly. It is a bolt action air rifle. Besides, it has multiple numbers of pneumatic pumps which give you an extra benefit. The pneumatic pumps provide easy velocity and power adjustment.

The shot capacity of this air rifle is 50 shots, and the weight is 3.1 pounds. Additionally, it gives you 0.177 caliber. The total length of it is 37.6 inches. If you like steel barrel, then this rifle will be the best option for you. It has steel barrel of 21 inches’ length.


User-Friendly Design for Flexible Experience

The Daisy Powerline 880 is very easy to use. People with different abilities can handle this air rifle easily as the stock of it is flexible. Thanks to the manufacturer for making this rifle with a very user-friendly design in minds.

The beginners and the young people will find it more comfortable during firing. It has smooth grip also. The air rifle gives you a safe shooting as it has a manual safety. Also, you can utilize the manual for a better understanding of the rifle. Download the Daisy Powerline 880 manual here.

Some people prefer auto safety, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly. Therefore, the manual safety is safer than auto safety. Moreover, the cross bolt trigger block ensures its safety. So, if you like the manual safety, then definitely, you should take this one.


Suitable Scope for Better Target Sight

The scope is one of the most important factors of an air rifle. You will get a suitable scope by using this Powerline Air Rifle Kit. The Daisy Powerline 880 scope is 4×15 millimeter. This scope has a better sight for medium range target. The scope is also with a dovetail mount.

To use the air rifle normally, you can use the rings of this air rifle. You want an air rifle with the excellent receiver. The receiver of this air rifle amazes you as engineering resin uses to make it. Moreover, you will receive a suitable muzzle velocity i.e. 800 FPS.


Engineering Resin Receiver

The receiver is a boldly engineered resin, but that should not be a cause of alarm. The bolt and internal parts are entirely metal.
That should give you some assurances of quality. The resin is not just that, it is given a non-glare metallic finish. At a glance you will not believe it is plastic. Adding to the list of plastic parts is the trigger guard, bolt, and pump handle.


Wooden Monte Carlo Stock

The stock has white line spacers and attractive shoulders. You are right to ask about the shooting power of this gun based on its good looks. The Monte Carlo stock will amaze you with its stability and comfort when you put it into use. It gives you the option to use a scope or open sights. I have worked with both options and I was greatly impressed by both.
Moreover, the stock is waterproof and durable. The only thing you have to be careful with is dropping it; it breaks easily.


The Forend

With a stimulation of wood grain, the front is all plastic. The diamond outline is well-built and gives you unbelievable touch. With a checkered texture at the forend you are getting firm grip even when it rains. You will not miss your target on the account of slippery front.



This exceptional beginner’s rifle comes packed with open sights. You can easily adjust them for wind and elevation for accurate hit. The rear and front sights are easy to line and when I used this rifle I was happy with the accuracy and the overall feeling having it in my palms.


Multi-pump Action

The pump handle is long and allows you a great grip for the perfect shot. The arm’s length is intentionally long to allow easy pumping. Once you do ten pumps and the stroke is complete, the handle falls back into its place. You can then get on with your shooting. However, be careful with the handle. It is plastic thus can easily break. However, the handle is flexible to help you find the perfect positioning.


High Accuracy and Power

The accuracy of 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit never disappoints you. You will receive high accuracy in shooting and scope. According to the survey, the highest shooting distance is 291 yards which are gained so far. You can use pellets, and it can shoot 715 FPS.

Moreover, you can use BBs. The air rifle can shoot 750 FPS. The holding and the grip add precision to this air rifle. At the front, it has fiber optic. The fiber optic also ensures accuracy. If you are interested in learning the kit and accessories of the gun, you can read through the Daisy Powerline 880 air rifle review below.



You should cock the gun before you start pumping. Simply do that by pulling the bolt to its all-open position. By doing this you will have closed the air valve to form a holding chamber. When pumping, go the full length of the stoke and pause after every stroke. By doing this you are giving air adequate time to fill up. The manufacturer recommends at least 2 pumps and a maximum of 10. Do not exceed the pumps as it is not worth the sweat and will increase the rate of tear and wear.


Daisy Powerline 880 Kit & Accessories

Do you always have to buy accessories for your air rifle? It bothers you. Your days of suffering are finished now. You will get accessories with it without any extra cost. The Daisy Powerline 880 kit provides ammo. It is useful for the gun as it helps to work at its optimal capacity.

You will also be very satisfied with the Daisy Powerline 880 repairability. The manufacturer provides supports and products to do so. Also, you can utilize the Daisy Powerline 880 manual to get the better use of this product.

If you get a pair of safety glasses, then how will you feel? You will feel great. Then, we have good news for you. You will get safety glasses with it. These safety glasses will make your shooting safer and enjoyable.


Who’s this rifle for?

I have personally used this gun and the experience was satisfying. What I can is that this rifle is best suited for a learner. The power is not too much but adequate for someone finding their feet into shooting. For the youth, there is no other great way to get introduced to shooting over a relatively long range. This is the gun to get you acquainted with shooting for fun or sports. It is affordable, easy to use and care, and lightweight to carry around. If you want a rifle that will not put financial dents into your pocket, this is your gun. Take my word for it, you will come back and thank me later.


Why I recommend this rifle?

For young shooters, Daisy powerline 880 rifle is a sure bet to get you started on the right foot to shooting. Quite a number of air gun lovers go ahead to make suggestions that it is one of the best pieces for the youth you can get in the market today. I, too, think so. For a birthday or Christmas gift, you can never go wrong with this choice. It is good looking, powerful and easy to learn. For a beginner, you do not need anything that will put you through difficulties. This is the rifle for you. The price tag is generous and you will be getting the value of your every dime you spend on it. With proper maintenance, this rifle will be your best longtime friend.


FAQs about Daisy powerline 880

My kid is 11 years and wants to start shooting. Is this rifle a great choice?

Yes, it is. But you should supervise to make sure
your kid is safe all the time.


Is the scope pre-mounted?

No, you have to do it by yourself. It is pretty easy to assemble the gun. You will not need help as long as you follow the instructions.

Can I use the gun without scopes?

That is a yes. The gun comes with standardized iron sights just in case you decide to take off the sights. But I suggest to use the scope if you are a learner.

Can I take successive shots?

No, this is a single shot rifle.


  • You are getting 291 yards of shooting range. Your plinking has never been easier
  • It is lightweight making it easy to carry when you go out hunting
  • You’re in control of the shooting. This depends on the number of pre-shooting pumps
  • The trigger is great and light. You will not need much force to make a perfect shot
  • For beginners, this rifle is the best for lessons
  • Despite its plastic body, this gun is powerful and appealing to the eye
  • You are getting extremely accurate shots thanks to the fiber optic at the front
  • The options for pellets or 50BBs makes this gun a versatile piece


  • The time duration between two shots is long. For someone needing to fire successive shots you will have to pickle
  • Using pellets will not be easy. You need time to practice and get it right
  • Your safety is not guaranteed. You have to make sure you are not risking anything before you fire

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Final Verdict

Many agree that this gun is a mixed bag of fortunes and I agree with the judgment. However, I would like to point out the fact that its advantages are more superior to its disadvantages. Of course, nothing is
perfect and this gun proves just that. Daisy powerline 880 is a gun that will give you a long and satisfying service. There will be not much to complain about. Definitely, the gun comes with its fair share of flaws. They are not major and you can skip all of them if you take good care of your gun. For shooting amateurs who are finding their way into guns, you will not go wrong with this gun. It is tailored to teach you the basics of shooting before you can scale up the ladder of experience and demand a more sophisticated rifle.

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