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Silhouette Decoy Technique for Doves and Crows Hunting

If you are new in hunting, then the Silhouette decoy technique may not seem familiar to you. But it is one of most effective techniques for the dove and crow hunters now a day. Setting a silhouette decoy trap that convinces the wariest crows and doves gives an excellent advantage as a hunter. With the […]

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How to Improve Your Deer Hunting Style?

Nowadays deer hunting became a popular sport. This sport takes a lot of effort to master. There are various techniques and methods of deer hunting. In order to achieve a better result in this sport, you have to learn and improve your deer hunting style and techniques along with having the best rifles and equipment. […]

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Duck Hunting Decoy Tips and Others for Beginners

For duck hunting is, for most, a great deal more difficult work than shooting cottontails, quail, or pheasant. Especially, if you are in the first phase of learning to shoot, then you must follow some duck hunting tips for beginners like duck hunting decoy tips, pass shooting techniques and other for better performance. Duck and […]

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