Top 5 Best Underlever Air Rifles That Won’t Disappoint You

Whether it’s game hunting, plinking or target practice – you can rely on air rifles to get the actual feel. Among various types, underlever air rifles hold best regarding ease of use & accurate shooting.

With no pronounced torque, an underlever rifle meets your airgunning demands, even for starters. There are lots of options available for you to pick the ultimate gear. There is no necessity to go through the traditional trial & error method for getting the most suitable one.

Covering product overview, top features, pros & cons – we provided the attenuating details of 5 Best Underlever Air Rifles right below.

Comparison Table – Best Underlever Air Rifles

Product Gamo Whisper CFR Air Rifle Browning Leverage Air Rifle Gamo ACCU Air Rifle Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex
Caliber (“) .177 .177/.22 .177 .17/.22 .22/.25
Powerplant Spring Piston Spring – Piston Spring – Piston Spring – Piston Gas – Piston
Max Velocity(fps) 1100 1000/800 1200 930/755 1000/750
Weight (lbs) 8.0 8.6 6.6 9.3 11.0
Trigger Adjustability Two – Staged Single – Staged Two – Staged Two – Staged Two – Staged
Cocking Effort (lbs) 30 28 30 29 N/A
Length (Barrel/Overall) 17.8”/46.4” 18.9”/44.8” 17.8”/45.6” 13.19”/41.34” 17.0”/47.6”
Optical Scope 3 – 9 x 40 3 – 9 x 40 3 – 9 x 40 No No
Sight Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Fiber Optic No Fiber Optic
Safety Manual Automatic Manual Automatic Manual
Integration of CAT, SAT, SWA, SAS CAT SWA SAT & SWA No SAS
Stock Type Synthetic Hardwood Synthetic Walnut Turkish Walnut
Adjustability for Windage & Elevation No Yes Yes No No
Suitability Small Game Hunting/Plinking Small Game Hunting/Plinking Small Game Hunting/Plinking Small Game Hunting/Target Practice Small Game Hunting/Plinking
Scopeable 11mm Dovetail 11/22 mm Dovetail
Function Single Shot
Loudness 3 – Medium


Here are the 5 best underlever air rifle reviews bellow

1. Gamo 61100073154 Whisper CFR Air Rifle

Being a .177 caliber rifle, the Gamo Whisper CFR remains airgunning mainstay without usual loudness. The rifle includes a textured forearm& grip with an adjustable cheekpiece. It helps to maintain further smoothness&triggering prediction than usual break barrels/side-levers.Custom Action Trigger (CAT) & synthetic stock comes with the first-ever underleveraged (fixed barrel) whisper.

Featuring rotary breech & open sights, the spring-piston induces accuracy.Recoil reducing the SWA buttpad permits a pleasant shooting with personal preference. The 3 – 9 x 40 mounting scope with 11mm scoping rail provides great optical support.

Topmost Features

Highly Accurate Triggering: With spring-piston & whisper CFR, the .177” caliber rifle ensures accuracy. Rotary breech & anti-beartrap mechanism also induce precise action.

Overall Sturdy Construction: The barrel is steel jacketed & the molded synthetic stock comes with thumb hole. The overall combo is, therefore, weather-resistant.

Incredible Reduction of Recoil: Built-in Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) features a rubberized buttpad. You will feel about 74% less recoil following the shot.

Custom Action Triggering (CAT) System: The CAT mechanism permits tailoring of the trigger. In fact, you can make an independent adjustment for the 1st& 2nd stage.

Maximized Optical Support: Fiber optic front & rear comes with 3 – 9 x 40 mounting scope with 11mm scoping rail. With open sight, the optical support results in greater efficiency.


  • User safety with adjustable cheekpiece.
  • PBA ammo for velocity & muzzle energy.
  • Great prediction through good scoping.
  • Comforting texture on grip & forearm.
  • 3-medium noise for fixed barrel action.


  • Pellet is subjected to fatigue over time.
  • Without cocking, poor precision prevails.


2. Browning Leverage Air Rifle

The Browning Leverage underlever rifle is capable of delivering powerful shots over easy loading. The traditional rock-solid scoping platform induces greater shooting accuracy & permits a comfortable holding. A simple cocking effort manages to deliver magnum hunting efficiency.

Windage& elevation adjustment allows the shooter to attend the perfect rifle position to acquire the target. Rubber buttpad ventilation, Monte Carlo stock encouragesstability&safety against the recoiling effect. Fiber optic sighting & 3 – 9 x 40 scope includes weaver scoping rail for further optical convenience.

Topmost Features

Good Triggering Efficiency: The .177”/.22” caliber provides 1000/800 fps velocity using 28 lbs cocking effort. The spring-piston powerplantallows perfect triggering through hardwood stock.

Optimized User Safety: Rubber buttplate with ventilation offers great maneuvering. Right-handed grip with cheekpiecerising ensures further ease with handling the rifle.

Great Optical Support: Built-in 3 – 9 x 40 mounting scope with Picatinny/Weaver rail gives perfect sighting. Fiber optic front with adjustable rear ensures greater targeting.

Smooth Noiseless Operation: The single-stage trigger action merely producesa 3-medium noise level. Throughthe 28 lbs cocking, it remains easy for the shooter to position the lever while firing.

Sufficient Adjustability: Using the adjustable rear sight, you can set the exact windage& elevation. Using the sleek wood stock, making the adjustment becomes incredibly easy.


  • Fixed barrel for smooth operation.
  • Monte Carlo wood stock inclusion.
  • Cheekpiecerising with right-handed operation.
  • Adjustability for fiber optic rear sight.
  • Vented rubber recoil pad with contour.


  • Occurrence of creep while triggering.
  • Only single-stage trigger adjustment.


3. Gamo ACCU Air Rifle

The premium Gamo air rifle features upgraded optical support to line up the target accurately. Adjusting objective with this underlever rifle remains pretty simple throughthe 3 – 9 x 40 scopes. Rotary breech loading for the single-shot action can induce up to 1200 fps velocity.

The steel barrel permits 2–staged adjustment using Smooth Action Trigger (SAT) system. It holds ideal for low light shooting using the fiber-optic sight. Automated cocking&manual trigger offers74% reduced recoil with integrated Shock Wave Absorber (SWA).

Topmost Features

Weather Resisting Framework: Steel barrel & synthetic stock provide maximum structural stability & weathering resistance. No harm from water, shock/impact & fog ever takes place.

Accurate Target Acquisition: Quick loading through rotary breech & integrated muzzle-brake initiate inline target accuracy. The 30 lbs cocking holds great to attain the target.

Outstanding Optical Features:With standard 3 – 9 x 40 mounting scope, the 30/30 reticle allows 40’ – 12’ viewing field. The 3.5” eye relief for parallax adjustment can cover 15 to infinity yards.

Comforting, Reliable Handling: Textured forearm & grip induce solid & undisturbed holding. The cheekpiece comes with twin raise to help with a manual safety.

Advanced Triggering System: The integrated SAT system permits 2 – Staged trigger adjustability. Meanwhile, the SWA pad initiates a 74% reduction of recoil.


  • Highly durable ambidextrous stock.
  • Good adjustability for the rear sight.
  • Finer crosshair to attain the target.
  • Muzzle-brake, anti-beartrap mechanism.
  • Sufficient cocking with user safety.


  • Holding zero may seem difficult.
  • Not friendly for backyard shooting.


4. Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

Overall excellence of Air Arms TX200 holds perfect for competitive sportsmen & shooters. Incredible accuracy prevails through 930 & 755 fps for .177& .22 caliber. Featuring Loather Walther barrel & Monte Carlo stock, utmost firing stability is guaranteed.

The sliding breech associated with automated safety imparts easy, smooth & quick loading of ammo. Deep bluing & raised cheekpiecesare able to deliver precise acquisition & hitting for the target. The mountingscope is necessary for proper alignment as there comes no open sight for the rifle.

Topmost Features

Convenient Framework: The built-in shrouded barrel comes with an incredibly finished walnut stock. Featured steel construction induces superior functionality.

Loading Ease with Breech: Having a breech eases the loading & insertion within no time. The sliding breech permits a smooth & quick loading of ammo.

Good Trigger Adjustability: A convenient triggering match is essential & there comes a two-staged adjustment. A long heritage of accuracy prevails for field target matches to hunting.

Comforting Checkered Grip: The vented rubberized pad initiates an optimum reduction of the recoiling effect. Checkering for pistol grip & forearm delivers smooth handling efficiency.

Quite Accurate Cocking: The 930 fps velocity created by single-piston powerplant offers swift cocking of 29 lbs. 3-medium noise level & automated safety ensures greater comfort.


  • Incredibly finished walnut stock.
  • Rubberized vented buttplate.
  • Two-staged trigger adjustability.
  • Shrouded steel for rifled barrel.
  • Scope mount with 11mm dovetail.


  • Not very suitable for plinking.
  • Optical support excludes sight.


5. Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex

The most incredible feature of Hatsan Torpedo vortex rifle is its Turkish Walnut stock. You will receive break open loading that enhances the underlever rifle efficiency. The shooter has to deal with incredibly less vibration, thanks tothe Shock Absorbing System (SAS).

Full adjustability of elevation comb & 2-staged match inducesshooting accuracy. The advanced TRIOPAD technique imparts precise alignment with the target. Also, the secure weaver featuring Truglo fiber optic sights encourages the optical support for the mounting scope.

Topmost Features

Powerful Traditional Mechanism: The integration of underleveraged action for gas-piston powerplant induce a classic mechanism. Being compatible with .22” & .25” caliber, the vortex imparts great power.

Quattro Trigger Adjustability: With unique Quattro adjustability, you can go for 2-stage matching for the trigger. In fact, it permits the customization of pull weight & travel.

Convenient Recoil Reduction: The rubberized pad encourages optimal recoil reduction with 3 specific stock spacers. Through SAS, minimum vibration takes place.

Reasonable Optical Support: Standard Weaver optic rail allows mounting for compatible scopes. For further convenience, there comes 11mm & 22mm rail to choose from.

Great User Comfort & Safety: Built-in checkered forearm & triggering grip provides comfort & operational ease. Despite manual safety, the Monte Carlo cheekpiece initiates user security.


  • High-quality Turkish Walnut stock.
  • Weather tolerating steel barrel.
  • Adjustability for fiber optic rear sight.
  • Integrated system to reduce shock.
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism included.


  • Practice requirement for beginners.
  • Limited cocking without break barrel.


Small game hunting, plinking or even target practice – you can attain the best accuracy through the Best Underlever Air Rifle. Your experience & budget may vary, but each one from our picks is ready to serve against the price. No doubt, you will have a decent pastime fun using a reliable, efficient & affordable choice. From lots of models havinga wide range of varieties, it’s obviously difficult to pick a certain number of best ones. Yet, we are hopeful about compiling the most suitable gears in the review.


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