Benjamin Trail NP2 Review | One of The Best Air Rifle by Crosman

You are looking for a Nitro Piston air rifle, right? Crosman is providing one of the best air rifle named “Benjamin Trail NP2”. The company is well-known for making high-quality air rifles. To get the ultimate experience, you can go for the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle.

The Trail Nitro Piston 2 is an improved air rifle with some new features. One of the most significant improvements is the integral sound suppression system. However, all of the big and small air rifles make some sounds. You can hardly notice the sound comes from the Trail Nitro Piston 2.

For long-range accurate shooting, comfort, stability and easy cocking, this air rifle is a top notch. The price is not so high. Crosman set the price carefully to took place in the market. You can check the price on Amazon by clicking below link, or you can read my full review of this air rifle.

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Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review

Benjamin trail np2 is one of the best air rifles available on the market for its effective sight and accuracy. Also, the sound suppressing feature will let you lock the target with concentration. You will get a better hitting chance with this combo air rifle.

It comes with some features as well. Let us find out more in this Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle Review.

Highlighted Specifications
Max weight With scope 9.8lbs, without scope 8.3 lbs
Barrel type Break-barrel
Shooting range 50 yards
Ammo .177 and .22
Sight Center scope
Power and velocity Max 1200 fps, min 900 fps
Noise suppression Nitro Piston Technology
Trigger Two-stage Clean-break trigger
Shots 1
Cocking difficult 28 lbs


Rifle Overview

Long time ago there was the Nitro Piston. Back in those days, it was the talk of hunters. It is on such background of excellence that Benjamin Trail NP2 was born. As you would expect, this gun has lots of improvements and upgrades from its predecessor. It perfectly matches the modern hunter’s specifications and preferences. The barrel is all steel with great precision.

The level of noise suppression is a great achievement. You will hardly hear any sound when you take a shot. Being a .22 caliber air gun, it is a match for the big boys. The trigger is sleek and you can feel its mastery oozing down your fingers once you release it. If you are looking for a rifle to up your hunting prowess to the next level, I have no problem recommending this rifle. If you do not take my word for it, be my guest and read this review to the last full stop.


Key features

Never judge a book by its cover. If there is anywhere this phrase applies, then it is in buying guns. Don’t look at a gun and assume it is what you need. Looking at the features gives you a clue of what you can or can’t do. I would never want it to be different for this rifle. Here are the remarkable features you should look forward to:


Integral Sound Suppression System

Harsh noise can be a big problem in shooting as it breaks the concentration and results in missing the target. The Crosman did a wonderful job by making the sound suppression system most effective. This is noticeably one of the biggest improvements for Nitro Piston air rifle.

However, the air rifle isn’t totally silent. Moreover, all of the air rifles make some sound as the pellet leaves the barrel. But, the sound coming from the Nitro Piston 2 is much quieter than original Nitro Piston and other air rifles.

The integral sound suppression system makes the product highly quiet. So, you can enjoy and shoot the target in peace with this air rifle.

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Professional Design and Trigger for Better Reliability

To point out the reliability regarding the air rifle, there are various factors you have to consider. Most of the shooters seek a rifle which allows the easy shooting and fires properly every time. Surely, you don’t want an air rifle that you’ve to struggle every time for shooting. Hence, the improvements applied in the Nitro Piston 2 make this rifle more reliable.

Additionally, the users find it easier to use without facing any problems. Furthermore, Crosman designed the trigger for the professionals. Comparatively, it has lighter pull than the most other rifles, and you need to break your sweat to fire.


Easy to Cock and Improved Trigger

When choosing between nitro piston vs. nitro piston 2, you can consider the upgrades of the recent model. One of the major improvements has implemented in the Nitro Piston 2 is easy to cock. If you have previous experience of using an air rifle, you must know how hard it is to cock.

However, Tom Gaylord is an expert air rifle writer. He claimed that Nitro Piston 2 is the easiest air rifle for cocking. The air rifle with .22-inch caliber is relatively easy to cock. Likewise, the trigger is properly improved also. Remarkably, if you’re going to shoot for the first time, you may think that the trigger has been tuned previously.


High-Velocity Power for Better Performance

The power of an air rifle depends on what you want to do with the rifle. The powerful rifle will have better bullet travel and quick action. This speed and travel make on rifle better than other. To point out the NP2 air rifle, it is powerful enough to use in the pest control and small hunting.

In this case, some shooters find this rifle perfect for the target shooting. The maximum velocity of this rifle is 1200 fps which are achievable with the alloy pellets only. But, you can set 950 fps velocity when using the lead pellets.



Did you get this gun to its cocking position? Just pack the pellets with eyes facing forwards and slide the barrel to its resting position. You will hear a locking noise, an indication that you are ready to take your first shot.



The real purpose of a gun is not only to shoot well but also to operate quietly. You are in luck because this Benjamin Trail np2 is not only a smooth operator but also a very quiet piece of a weapon. If you decide to fire from the comfort of your porch, you will not be waking up your neighbors with a loud bang. This is the kind of weapon you need in the hunting field. Just in case you miss with your first shot, you will not scare prey to run in fear.


Shooting Range

At 50 yards, this gun gives the best precision. For plinking, target shooting or pest control; you will do it all to perfection. This is also your gun for the small games as you horn your skills for the real hunting experience.


Better Accuracy with 3-9×32 scope

Obviously, you want to go for the air rifle which can hit your target almost every time. Unless you’re a new shooter or a bad shooter, you can hit the target most of the times you shoot by using Nitro Piston 2 air rifle. The Benjamin Trail np2 air rifle combo will offer excellent scope for more accuracy on the field.

So, this NP2 rifle has a Center-Point Optics 3-9×32 scope. So, you can mount the scope on the optic rails for ensuring the accuracy. The shooters can simply shoot within 100 yards with a rifle scope, 2-stage adjustable trigger, and break-barrel stock.

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Admirable design

It is ridiculous talking about beauty in guns. Well, this Benjamin air rifle is a beautiful piece. The break-barrel is an impressive inclusion and the first thing you will notice. Synthetic stock and steel barrel all add to the aesthetics of this rifle.



For this gun, you got two choices of ammunition on offer. You can cherry pick whichever works best for your situation. For .22 you are getting superior trajectory and this is a big plus when shooting a moving target. You also get serious power and clean single shot with this caliber of pellets. With the .177 pellets you are getting a better shot in windy situations. When you go for your hunting, make sure you carry both as you might not know what waits for you out there.



Looking for the conventional sight on this gun? Sorry, you will not find it on this one. What you have here is a scope at the center measuring 3-9 magnification and 32 in diameter of the front end.

You are getting an advantage for long-range shot and your hunting day may be bountiful even your shot is horrible. And one more thing, you can mount or unmount the scope as you wish.



  • The Nitro Piston 2 offers much quieter shooting with sound suppression
  • Comes with excellent built quality for reliable and long usage
  • The Center-Point Optics 3-9×32 scope provide excellent sight of the target
  • Can achieve high-velocity power with alloy and lead pallets
  • This rifle can shoot 100yards’ target very easily with a rifle scope
  • Comes with secure two-stage adjustment system
  • Has easy cocking features for more comfortable hunting


  • Might seem bit heavy for the shooters with weaker arms

To summarize, the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle is an amazing air rifle for the shooters. You will enjoy the Benjamin trail nitro piston air rifle upgrades and improvements.It has sound suppression system and some other improved features. So, you will have comfort and accuracy during shooting tournaments and games.

Though one of the major Benjamin trail np2 problems is its weight, most of the consumers have no problems with it. After all, the rifle is quite powerful to do your job perfectly. So, if you are planning for a perfect Nitro Piston air rifle, definitely you can buy this Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle with a scope.

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