Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

Are you thinking about buying an air rifle? But not finding the right one according to your choice? Then I want to shed light on Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review which ensures target shooting. This air rifle comes with some advanced features that will make hunting a lot more comfortable and accurate.

This air rifle is with its scope and 0.177-Calibre which adds benefit to you. You will have a proper target hitting capacity with using the accuracy of this gun. Besides, its attractive outlook will amaze you.The smart design will let you carry the rifle for a long time without any trouble.

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Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

You will love the Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle with its advanced features. The easily adjustable triggers with a perfect scope on it will ensure excellent shooting skills of the hunter. Also, the varmint control is there for target shooting.

This rifle has a lot more essential features to help the shooter. Let us find out more about this gun below.

Easily Adjustable Trigger

You need an easily adjustable rifle for relentless shooting experience. It has a lot of benefits and comforts during days of outdoor shooting. The non-adjustable trigger makes a pain in your hand and shoulder, right? So, you need an air rifle with an adjustable trigger for your comfort.

Then, inevitably, Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston gun goes with you. It has two stage adjustable trigger. You can move this trigger easily. So,it will be comfortable for you to use. Besides, this air rifle has steel barrel.Additionally, its shooting distance is 1200FPS.


39×32 Scope for Perfect Shooting

The telescopic sight is commonly known as scope of an air rifle. So, you can understand how important the scope is for an air rifle. You need a good scope for targeting the object otherwise there is a chance of missing your targeted object.You will find your desired air rifle with a scope in Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle.

The diameter of the frontless with .32 and .4 is the magnification ability. So, the image will four times bigger when you lock the target, and that will allow you to have a better accuracy. It has optics of center point is the 39×32 scope.

This scope will add accuracy to lock any distant target properly. So you will be able to hit the target with control. Therefore, if you are looking for a better target hitting capacity, this Benjamin Titan XS is a good choice for you.

Best for Target Shooting and Varmint Control

Do you like target shooting? Again do you need varmint control?Then look for an air rifle which meets up your two needs at a time.This Benjamin Air Rifle will be your right choice surely.This rifle comes with a proper varmint control features

I love the shooting capacity of this air rifle. It has high target shooting capability with the varmint control feature. So, you will get 2 in 1 by using Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle.

High Spring Performance

Frequent fatigue is a common problem in spring of an air rifle.You have already faced this problem many times. Now, have you got irritated with it? You don’t have to be irritated anymore because you will find your solution in Benjamin Titan XS rifle.The spring of this air rifle is excellent with proper performance in shooting the bullets out of the barrel.

It has no spring fatigue. Even if, it gives you benefit to leave it cocked for hours without fatigue in spring. Surely, the problems of spring torque bother you. You will find no torque in Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle. So, it provides you an extra benefit.

Less Noise and Vibration

Do noise and vibration always irritate you? You always find that noise and vibration also irritate your neighbors, don’t you? An air rifle without noise and vibration is not even imaginable. But it is possible to reduce its noise and vibration. You will find that in Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review.

It has break barrels which are powered by piston whereas other air rifle’s barrels are spring powered. ThePiston powered break barrels create 70% less noise than spring powered barrels. Besides, it creates less vibration as it has a gas piston.

Built Quality and Design

Well-built quality makes any product last longer. Also, when you are talking about a rifle, then the construction quality also built reliability. You do not want to use a rifle that can break easily and cause incidents. Thanks to the manufacturer of Benjamin Titan XS air rifle for coming with properly built quality. With a reliable shooting experience, you can use this air rifle for a fair enough time without any problems.

Also, the smart design makes sure; you can carry the rifle without feeling any pain. Also, the design will let you shoot any target in a proper position keeping the eyes and face in a safer position during shooting.

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  • Provides smoother cocking for easy hunting
  • You will have smoother gunfire with this rifle
  • Doesn’t provide spring torque during hunting
  • You leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring


  • Create noise with alloy pellets

Final Verdict

This Air Rifle with Scope, 0.177-Calibre not only meets up your needs but also you can cultivate your hobby properly. It has smoother shooting capacity. Moreover, it gives you best performance in all weathers even in winter.The longevity of it is also appreciable.

It is long lasting than a metal spring air rifle.This air rifle has muzzle brake which adds leverage. Undoubtedly, the outstanding features of it have already made this rifle as one of the best .177 air rifles. So, have your own Benjamin Titan XS Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Scope, 0.177-Calibre before it gets out of stock.

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