Crosman Benjamin Discovery Dual Fuel Air Rifle Review

Are you in search of a single shot, lightweight, all the necessary safety features with easy setup and use an air rifle for your hunting or shooting? Then definitely the Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Dual Fuel is the best option for you. For both the left and right-hand users the Benjamin Discovery is a perfect choice. It is a simple and short rifle with some quality features thus making it special for shooters or hunters in their chasing session. In this review, we will know the best features, benefits of using the rifle along with the setbacks and the customer impressions about the product.

Gun Type

The Crossman has introduced us with its’another powerful creation for the gun enthusiasts-Benjamin Discovery. It is a pre-charged pneumatic PCP CO2 air rifle. It is a dual fuel feature air rifle. It can use either CO2 cartridges or can be charged up to 2000 psi with a scuba tank or hand pump. As we know PCP air rifle is best for accuracy and consistency and CO2 air rifle is well-known for its power and precision, so for that in Benjamin Discovery, we get all the combinations of best features.

This gun mostly works with .22 caliber though .177 caliber version is also available in the market.

Outlook and finishing of the air gun:

The appearance of the Benjamin Discovery is ordinary and not that much attractive also. Sometimes the stock of this air rifle is compared to the oar because of its shape and that makes the outlook more authentic. The barrel of the air rifle is smooth, black in color and also thin one. It can be compared to a soda straw. Again the forend is short and the comb of the air rifle is low.

The completion is satisfactory with a blend of dark powder covering and dye on metal parts. The stock material is hardwood whereas the barrel material is steel and these are varnished hardwood. The finishing of the air rifle is not so fine quality rather it is of below average compared to the price level. So if you are seeking for a delightful mirror finish to the metal you should not waste your time to this rifle.


This rifle has come with mostly .22 caliber but .177 caliber is also found in many shops. But Benjamin Discovery is popular with .22 caliber pellet. The .22 caliber can provide more accurate direction than of .177 pellet and also can keep its direction accurate in windy weather too. This feature mainly makes the pellet popular among professional shooters to hunting lovers.


Benjamin Discovery is an amazing powerful rifle that can achieve any assignment from shooting focuses to chasing game. This air rifle uses a large tank of pressurized air for shooting pellets and thus make it a standout amongst the best airguns as far as power. If this dual fuel PCP air rifle is charged fully it can send a .22 pellet up to 900 feet per second and .177 pellet up to 1000 feet per second. Again approximately 26 FPE at the barrel it works out.  This incredible velocity and power make the air rifle an unbeatable choice for the new shooters to the professional shooters.

High Accuracy:

The accuracy level of this rifle is quite impressive for the shooters. By using .177 or .22 pellets from longer distances you can get a deadly accurate result. By adjusting the sights or the well-balanced 3.75-pound trigger pull can give more accuracy.  This accurate accuracy is one of the best characteristics of this rifle and it never neglects its users to convey.


The Benjamin Discovery gives 80% consistency in muzzle velocity. An amazing outcome of 1.2% can be counted with the extreme speed of just 11.19 FPS. The standard pressure of this rifle is 2000 PSI which is definitely an excellent consistency. Again the trigger pull weight also shows great consistency.

Dual Fuel:

This air rifle has a 2000 PSI level along with a high-pressure hand pump (not included on the purchase list) can be used to fill the rifle with compressed air. When it is loaded fully, you can constantly shoot until there is a need of refilling it. Though the power plant of this air rifle is PCP it can be converted into CO2 operation with an inexpensive dual fuel fill adapter (not included in the package). This process is easy to fill from a paintball tank and this offers more shots from a single fill.CO2 operation is really great to use for both indoor use and outdoor plinking.

Hand Pump:

The rifle has three stages of classic hand pumps. These hand pumps are also light and simple to use in filling the air rifle.

Safety Features:

This rifle provides the necessary safety features.  It has a safety lock near the rifle. The next one is both handle that allows to load and use a crossbow mechanism to increase safety. And another one is the black plastic valve cap. It protects the quick fill adapter. All these safety features help to keep the nozzle clean.


This air rifle lasts long even against the forceful nature. The well finished and fitting quality makes it durable and tough enough.

Shot Capacity:

For the lightweight and easy to handle features make the rifle perfect to shoot easily. This is a bolt-action, single shot rifle. With a full charge, it can fire off 25 shots constantly on a single fill. The shootability of this air rifle is nearly 70% according to many target shooters review.

Ease of use

The Benjamin Discovery is so easy and simple to use. Following a couple of minutes, the rifle can be in full working request prepared to chase or use for target practice. Once it is pumped fully users can go for at least 25 shots before power is undermined.


The weight is about 7.0 grains or less which is very light we can say. So one can carry this lightweight air rifle easily without feeling tired. For the shoot lovers or the users who spend hours in hunting can move with this lightweight air rifle because of its light hand pump.


Mainly there are fibre optic sights of this gun. Fibre optic front sight and a fully adjustable fibre optic rear sight are attached in the rifle. The iron sights are fitted here. These sights can give 90% accurate result.


Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: Benjamin

Country of Origin: Imported

Style: Traditional

Caliber: 0.177 cal

.22 cal

Velocity: 1000 FPS(.177 calibre)

900 FPS(.22 calibre)

Condition: New

Ammo Type: Pellets

Pellet capacity: 1

Action: Bolt-action

Barrel Material: Steel

Barrel Style: Rifled

Color: Black/Brown

Stock Style Filter: Traditional

Stock Material: Hardwood

Front Sight: Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation

Fire Mode: Single-shot

Dimensions: 36 x 2 x 5 inches

Gun Weight: 5.13

Overall Length: 39

Barrel Length: 24.25

Loudness: 4-Medium-High

Mechanism: PCP and CO2

Mountain Rail: 11mm dovetail

Safety: Manual

Safety System: Crossbolt

Shots per Fill: 25

Trigger: Single Stage

Trigger Pull: 3.75 pounds

Scope base: Yes

Use: Small game hunting/plinking

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty


Noise Level:

The rifle undoubtedly makes a lot of noise during shooting. This loud noise is as sharp as crackling and also similar to a wildfire. The lightweight and lead-free pellets may exceed the speed of the sound on the time of the shooting. For this high noise, this air rifle is prevented to use in residential areas. But all this problem of noise can be overcome by using a silencer of the Crossman brand. Though this modification can significantly add to the price.


This air rifle is ideal for target shooting, small game and pest removal. With a lot of power along with high accuracy, it can easily go through its target with a single shot. Thus make it a great small game hunting quality air rifle too.

Low Maintenance:

Benjamin Discovery needs very low maintenance. Though it is a machine it is trouble-free and not that much complicated. It is not affected by the outdoor air temperature so only by cleaning and a little bit of looking after can ensure a long-lasting lifetime of the gun.


  • Benjamin Discovery is a powerful air rifle
  • It has incredible accuracy
  • This is easy to use and also to cock and load
  • It provides fibre optic sight which can be fully adjusted for elevation or windage
  • It does not need recharging like other PCP air guns because of the hand pump
  • To prevent accidental shots it has a number of safety features
  • It has no recoil effect
  • The lightweight of the air gun helps to carry from one place to another
  • It has a classic and sleek look



  • It is not backyard friendly for its bit loud sound
  • The trigger is not easy to adjust and use
  • The price is a little bit high for the beginners


The price range of Benjamin Discovery is varied from $250 to $400. In different stores, it comes up with different prices. But comparing with its amazing features it is affordable one and undoubtedly the best choice for beginners as well.


18 years or more age is required to buy this air rifle. Under 18 people are not allowed to purchase it or use it for many reasons. Your all necessary documents will be needed to prove your age before purchasing the product.

Warranty Claim And Repair Service:

From the date of retail purchase, a one-year limited warranty will be issued. If any defects in material and workmanship are found then it is also transferrable. For replacement defected parts and labor this warranty program will be worked. The original receipt of your purchase is needed to qualify for this warranty program. But if there is no receipt then, the product is warranted for one year from date of manufacture. Again, for repair service, Crosman authorized Service centre will void the warranty.


  • Until you are fully prepared for shooting try to keep the air rifle in the on safe position.
  • Only use compressed air in the air gun. Uses of other gases including oxygen can cause a fire or explosion that may cause serious injury to death.
  • Sometimes the serious injury can be happened due to pressure in the fill hose. So to avoid it detach the fill hose from the air gun.
  • Do not use any petroleum based lubricants into the high-pressure reservoir or it may cause an explosion.
  • Also, avoid to repair the airgun or to disassemble to correct an overfill or valve lock without the help of an expert. It may the cause of parts fly at a dangerous speed.
  • Do not use this product without adult supervision as it may cause serious injury to death.
  • This product can expose chemicals like lead which is threatened for cancer, birth defects and harm to the reproductive system.


Reviews and the impression of the gun:

The Benjamin Discovery has mostly 5-star ratings. The incredible accuracy, powerful and consistency make the rifle popular among the target shooting lovers to small hunters. Most users praise for the high quality, safety features and easy setup and use. But there are few issues with the trigger pull, but the most consistent note is about the sound that comes from the rifle. Most of the people feel irritated for this noise and it significantly decreases the satisfaction ratings of the Benjamin Discovery.


This Crosman Benjamin Discovery dual fuel Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP air rifle is champ for target practice, plinking or shooting small games. For the high accuracy, incredible speed, power and consistency make it best one for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is also an entry level PCP air gun which is also praised by the beginners. Though the noises of the gun make people irritate it can be fixed through a silencer of the same brand. The quality of the product is much worthy than its price. So you will not be regret buying this product!! So go and collect yours for having the best experience in your shooting session.

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