Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup PCP Air Rifle Review

Weapons are always considered as a symbol of power and elite. But with the passes of time, the purposes of having an air rifle has also changed. Nowadays people use an air rifle for hunting, shooting, target shooting, pest removals and so on. So for that, there are many options in the market and getting the perfect one is a tough job. But a proper review of the individual can help out us in this case.

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup PCP air rifle is big gaming repeating air rifle. For serious hunting, this air rifle is a champ. It belongs to a science fiction novel looks with synthetic stock and two Picatinny rails. Let’s find out the rifle’s features and specialty –


Gun Type

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. It is a big game power air rifle. This rifle comes furnished with an air supply inside it someplace, by and largely concealed in the stock someplace. Elsewhere on the weapon, there will be a port with different particular sorts of openings that we’ll cover underneath. Preceding going out to shoot, the pellet weapon searcher will join a pressed air movement structure to the port and fill the archive with air.

The air rifle is now arranged to go. Exactly when the trigger is pulled, a singular, astonishing burst of compacted air is released from the supply into the barrel of the rifle, pushing the pellet before it. Charged, Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup has incredible accuracy. This will by and large drop as the air in the supply starts to run out, and shots can be off their goal, which normally shows that it’s an incredible chance to energize. However, to get the full power within these ten shots from the 3000 PSI reservoir. It may take a full day if you pump it.

All I can say you that the compressor and the Benjamin tank and there’s no stopping you!! The compressor fills the gun in about 35 seconds from 1000psi to 3000psi. It filled the tank from empty to 4000psi in about 15 min and the least this gun can shoot.


Highlighted Specifications
Manufacturer Benjamin
Caliber 0.357 /9mm
Ammo type Pellets
Max Velocity 800 fps
Muzzle Energy 200 ft. /lbs.
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 28.0 Inch
Overall Length 36.0 Inch
Shot Capacity 5
Max Shots per Fill 10
Barrel Rifled
Barrel Material Steel
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Scopeable Weaver/Picatinny
Trigger Two-stage non-adjustable
Buttplate Rubber
Suggested for Hunting
Trigger Pull 3.0 lbs.
Action Sidelever
Included Optics 4-16*56 mm AO
Safety Manual
Power plant Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)
Function Repeater
Body Type Bullpup
Stock Style Fixed Bull
Sling Mounts Included Yes
Stock Material Synthetic
Fixed/adj. power Fixed
Weight 7.7 lbs.
Cylinder Size 340 cc
Shrouded Yes


The Basic Design of the Air Rifle

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup air rifle is a repeater rifle with an ultra-modern design that cuts the overall length of the gun significantly. This air rifle working parts are located behind the trigger. It is an action bolt air gun with a steel rifled barrel along with two-stage non-adjustable trigger with a manual safety.

The PCP air rifle has a long barrel that allows FAC-rated power levels and more shots per charge. Also, it offers a weight of 7.7 lbs. that is lighter and allows an overall length of only 36 inches. If you are bored of unsmooth shooting then the rubber recoil pad and reversible side bolts lever can give you the smooth shooting experience.

The amazing part of the rifle is twenty-six inches of Picatinny rail where you can add a camera, spotlight, optics or even a night scope. The kit incorporates a cleaning tool, six trademarked Nosler extreme slugs, and lubricant. This is a blessing for professional shooters. Isn’t it? The centre point 4-16*50 mm scope with rings and covers and custom embroidered tactical rifle case, padded, with a large exterior pocket and padded removable shoulder strap also includes in the pack of the air rifle.



Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup uses .357 calibre as a source of ammunition. The .357 is a calibre frequently connected with Magnum revolvers. An air gun isn’t equivalent to a .357 Magnum round, however, it is as yet a very powerful air rifle. The .357 Magnum is a cartridge with a .357 inch or 9 mm bullet diameter.

This cartridge is notable for its effective terminal ballistics when utilized for chasing or protection. This can handle up to 300 MPa (43,511 psi) Pmax piezo pressure. It can give higher velocity with excellent penetration properties. It is a versatile cartridge and can be used in plinking, hunting or target shooting.



It has a two-stage non-adjustable trigger and that is creepy and light. But this can give you the surety of accuracy and shoot ability. The efficient side lever bolt enables a single cocking motion and providing a quick follow-ups shots with a crisp.

So if you are looking for a trigger that can be able to deliver the predictable demand of the hunters then you are in the right place. It will not disappoint you. Moreover, there is a side-mounted pressure gauge is located for reading during filling and monitoring while in the field. And the standard sling posts are used for easy carrying.



The rifle comes with all-weather ambidextrous synthetic stock and looks like it came out of sci-fi movie. The stock gives you the surety of durability, robust and rigorous for use. Also in all-weather, it suits the users. This stock also fits well to the rifle and keeps the rifle on target and precise downrange.

The non-slip surface structure on the grip and lower arm keep this rifle solidly close by and rapidly on target. Again the ambidextrous stock helps both the left-handed and right-handed shooters and the side lever is reversible for left-handed users.


Shot Capacity

The five-shot auto-indexing magazine includes with the air rifle is easier to load and provides visual confirmation when full or empty. This multi-shot rifle is a pneumatic gun with a ten usable shots fill.


Picatinny rail

For the professional hunters, this rifle comes with a range of optics, cameras, spotlight, night vision gear and bipods. All these or more are accommodated with 26 inches of Picatinny rail above the barrel and 5.5 inches below the muzzle.



The velocity result of Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup is astounding. It delivers consistent five-shot groups of nearly 800 feet per second (FPS) and with a stunning 200-foot-pounds of energy (FPE) by using Benjamin extreme air gun 145-grain hunting bullet by Nosler. This velocity is quite impressive and satisfactory for the shooters.



The Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup is quite accurate and can give an incredible result. The rifle is a hard-hitting one. Undoubtedly the closer you are to your desired target, the more accurate the rifle is going to be. Within 40 yards it can produce 800 FPS velocity and 200 FPE muzzle energy.



This is an extremely powerful air rifle with .357 calibre. It can produce 200 FPE muzzle energy. The big bore of the air rifle makes it more powerful with more exactness over longer distances. It allows the shooters or hunters much power but with maximum balance and maneuverability.



This air rifle performs flawlessly as it is a high performer air rifle. You can get dozens of reviews on YouTube about its super performance. The air rifle goes BANG when the trigger is pulled. This is an amazing air rifle with power and accuracy that puts a lead on the aim or target hard and fast. But sometimes the non-adjustable trigger may effect on the performance.


Ease of Use

The Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup is so easy and simple to use. It doesn’t have a level of complication. By using a tool or Scuba the tank can be filled properly and can start the function correctly. Otherwise, the system is very simple as loading, cocking and firing are easy. Moreover, the safety procedure also helps to reach the location.



It is shockingly a lightweight rifle with 7.7 pounds. The bullpup configuration makes it extremely simple to hold in a terminating position for an all-encompassing time-frame. Moreover, this Benjamin weapon focuses in all respects normally. The 3 lbs. of trigger helps the user to aim in the right direction. And the overall 36 inches of length make cruising through the woods and moving all through vehicles a breeze.


Shooting range and intended to Use

The Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup provides high accuracy with high velocity. It is a serious air rifle which is used for hunting within 40 to 50 yards. As it is a hard-hitting rifle you’re no longer limited to smaller pests and game. Also big animal like-der, feral hog can be a target by using this rifle.



This air rifle is shrouded. That means you are no longer think about the people complain as a big bite and small bark is here. It uses baffle-less sound-trap shroud for big bore sound suppression. That is why it is a quiet gun. But it may be loud enough depending on the environment.


  • It is a powerful rifle with high velocity and accuracy
  • The loading system, cocking and firing system is so easy for the serious shooters
  • The magazine is good enough
  • It is a fast rifle with an accurate result
  • The lightweight is undoubtedly helpful for the shooters to carry from one place to another
  • It is a high performer air rifle
  • The side lever helps the left-handed people
  • The all-weather synthetic stock makes it more durable and robust
  • The Picatinny rails allow for a quite a bit of customization
  • It is a multi-shot air rifle with a ten shot fill
  • It looks good and feels perfect hunting PCP
  • It is a quick shooting air rifle


  • The two non-adjustable triggers is a disappointment for the users
  • It does not include any sights
  • It has a short stock
  • It may be loud without moderator



Benjamin Bulldog needs minimal maintenance. Though it is a machine it is trouble-free and not that much complicated. It is not affected by the outdoor air temperature so only by cleaning and a little bit of looking after can ensure a long-lasting lifetime of the gun. Again periodic lubrication of the barrel is recommended for eliminating lead fouling. If anything seems changed to call the customer service for assistance before using it again.



It provides 1-year limited warranty after the date of purchase. For qualifying the warranty program, the original receipt of your purchase will be needed. Also if you find any defects in material or workmanship when using or storing then it is also transferrable. Also for the replacement of defected parts and labour, this warranty program will be worked. Again, for repairing service, Benjamin authorized Service center will void the warranty. So keep the receipt carefully for further use in future. Otherwise, you will lose many opportunities at a glance.



To use the air gun there are some laws. These laws differ from state to state, country to country or city to city. But the common fact is one should be 18 years or older to buy any air gun. So before purchasing you must have sharp knowledge about this. As air guns are not considered as airsoft or toy guns, so it is recommended to use under adult supervision. Otherwise, misuse or negligence may cause serious injury to health.

  • The muzzle always should be pointed in a safe direction as there are a few safe “conveys” depending on the circumstances and always try to treat your air rifle as a genuine one.
  • Always keep the air rifle on safe mode until you are fully prepared to shoot. And the best practising is to treat every gun as if it were loaded.
  • Be very clear about your target and what lies beyond. Then aim in a safe direction.
  • Never store a loaded gun. It may cause accidental action like a serious injury to death.
  • Safety glasses should be worn by the people who are nearby a shooter or intended to shoot
  • All the people near a shooter need to stay behind the shooter
  • Always try to avoid ricochet and not to take shots at hard surfaces or the outside of water. The pellet may bob off or ricochet and hit a person or thing you had not proposed to hit.
  • Try to keep the muzzle clear and not to enable the muzzle to interact with the ground.
  • The unused gun should be unloaded or de-cocked
  •  Never show off your air gun in public. It may confuse people or consider as a crime.
  • Do not change the shading and markings to make it look progressively like a gun. That is hazardous and might be a crime



The Benjamin Bulldog air rifle is a price worthy product. The price is very less according to its features. Within a cheap rate, it gives a very powerful air rifle with great accuracy and velocity. It is needed to be mention that this rifle is far better than the expensive rifles. It will cost you around $900. The price may vary in online stores or the shops. But undoubtedly you will get the best one by the money you are spending.


Why should you choose Benjamin Bulldog Air Rifle?

There are many reasons to choose the Benjamin Bulldog Air rifle. I try to pick up the best reasons-

  • The Benjamin Bulldog air rifle is a standout amongst the most mainstream pre-charged pneumatic firearms made today.
  • Since this air rifle is a repeater, it’s a standout amongst the best chasing rifles you’ll discover.
  • One can easily get about 35-40 usable shots under 3000-1000psi.
  • The accuracy of the gun is amazing.
  • The easiness of using the air rifle makes it more user-friendly
  • The lightweight helps the user to carry it
  • The high performance makes it the best one among the users


Customers’ Reviews

Before purchasing a product it is necessary to go through the product reviews. This is a 5-star rating product. There are lots of reviews regarding this product which are mostly positive. It is popular among its customers’ for high velocity, accuracy, power, high performance and ease of use. The most negative comments that come here are claiming the non-adjustable trigger. So by fixing this the rifle can be more popular.



Without any doubt, I can say that Benjamin Bulldog is a value for money product. If you are quick at shooting then Bulldog is a beast for you and you can easily tame it with the help of experienced hands.

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