Crosman Benjamin 392 Multi-pump .22 Caliber Air Rifle Review

Weapons have a mystical and controversial appeal from ancient times. It was considered as a symbol of power and elite. But nowadays it is not a big deal at all. People love to have a rifle for various purposes like- hunting, target shooting, pest removals, etc. And by following this many products have come to the market. You need to check the features and decide to get your desired one.
The Benjamin 392 is a classic air rifle with a sophisticated appearance and uses for more than decades with the same appealing and modern technologies. One can easily fall in love with its Monte Carlo design along with reliable and durable hardwood stock. Let’s find out the Benjamin 392’s reviews-

Benjamin 392 Type

Benjamin 392 is a multi-pump or variable pneumatic rifle with a quality finish work. It needs to pumping the air rifle for several times and then loading the pellets. Then it will discharge from the barrels and no gas or any extra effort is needed with this type of rifle. Again this gun has the ability to control the amount of power that a user needs to shoot. Also for lightweight, compact, recoilless and for high velocity and power, this rifle is popular among the gun lovers.
The Benjamin 392 has the pellet type source of ammunition. It can give good accuracy with the single shot. The single shot also helps to get control over the type of pellet that the users shoot. One-stage trigger with 5.5 lbs. weight trigger pull gives the users preference of having an amazing shooting experience. The butt plate is made of plastic. Also, the Monte Carlo stock with a marginally raised brush and lower heels assumes a significant job in improving exactness.
The Benjamin 392 has the rifled type barrel and that is dark rifled metal barrel or known as a brass barrel. It also uses anti-corrosive, it keeps the gun rust-free for a long time.


Benjamin 392 Specification

  • Brand: Benjamin
  • Caliber: .22 (5.5mm)
  • Ammo: Pellets
  • Pellet Velocity: Up to 685 fps
  • Compound Pellet Velocity: Up to 800 fps
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Length: 36.75 in
  • Barrel type: Rifled
  • Barrel Length 19.25″
  • Overall Length 36.25″
  • FPE: 14.90
  • Component: Bolt Action
  • Power Source: Pump
  • Limit: Single Shot
  • Shot Capacity 1
  • Cocking Effort 3-8 pumps
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Back Sight: Customizable
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Magazine: Rotating
  • Scopeable No
  • Butt plate Plastic
  • Suggested for Small game hunting/plinking
  • Trigger: Single-stage
  • Trigger Pull 5.5 lbs.
  • Stock style: Wood
  • Safety: Cross Bolt
  • Warranty 1 year limited


The craftsmanship of Benjamin 392

Though the design of the Crosman Benjamin 392 rifle is older in looking but can give a modern feel at the same time. The rifle is made of American Hardwood. The hardwood finish is so amazing that if some scratches or spot catches up on the rifle, you can generally make it up for a sparkling and spot-free look by refinishing it. The stock is also withstanding for bearing a wide range of pressure, load, shock with least effect and friction. Moreover, Monte Carlo stock of the Benjamin 392 with a raised brush and low heel helps to improve the accuracy at a great extent. Also with reduced recoil and roughly five and a half pounds weight of the rifle can provide a great velocity and fast-follow-up shot.
Again, the pumping style is easy for the swell foregrip. The grip gives smoothness to hold it for a long time. The multi-pump pneumatic structure helps the users to make pressure for pumping the rifle. But without a scope, the rifle’s performance can decrease a little bit. An additional dovetail inter-mount can be installed with the help of the experts. You can do it on your own too but it’s something tricky too. So going to the shop is a good option.


The air rifle uses only .22 pellet for its source of ammunition. .22 pellet is best for small hunting games, pest removal and target shooting as it is heavier than.177 pellet. And for the weight shooters can’t get much velocity as they wish for. But the positive thing is that it is more stable in the way towards the target. It is also suitable for all weather conditions so for that it doesn’t affected by windy conditions. On the other hand, .177 pellets can be affected by windy weather and all. The knockdown power of the rifle is quite impressive. It can finish the target animal in one shot.


The Benjamin 392 has a classic look. It has an open sight with a fixed front sight. The rear and the iron both sights are adjustable. But it has no scope sight. So the open sight of this air rifle truly infuses some outside air in the market. On the other hand, if the shooter has a good vision, at that point the sight won’t be an issue as it is very great to be reasonable. But if you want to experience something more you can easily add a scope to this rifle. But you need to be careful about choosing the scope.

Shot Capacity

It is a single shot air rifle and you need to load the pellet every time after you shoot. But you’ll not get disappointed to load for every time as the loading mechanism is not that much complicated.


The accuracy level of the Benjamin 392 is destructively exact. The rifle is a hard-hitting one. By using the compacted air it can go through its target with a respectable degree. It can hit targets up to 50 yards and it will undoubtedly take your diversion to the following level. An average shooter can expect to hit 3 out of 5 shots whereas others cannot give that much accuracy.


The velocity of the rifle is not that much satisfactory. But it manages to figure out how to deliver and can knock down any animals or pest in its range with comfort. The average pellet velocity is up to 685 fps which is about 209 meters per second and the compound pellet velocity is up to 800 fps.


It is a hard-hitting, multi-pump air rifle and the power of the rifle is remarkable too. Shooters can pump the rifle as their desire. The more they pump the more power can get by a shooter. But forgetting the maximum power you need to pumps for eight times. Also choosing the right pellet can produce up to 800 velocities.


Another incredible thing about the Benjamin 392 Bolt is its minimization and the gun isn’t that substantial as it appears. The air rifle can perform in any weather and the performance is like as always. This is noteworthy as most air rifles execution hampers due to the weather. Crossman has done incredible work with its manufacturing and that is the reason the rifle is so long-lasting.


How it works

There are some steps that need to be followed in operation-

Pumping the gun

At first, need to put the gun on safe mode. Then you should hold the stock firmly and open the forearm all the way up. Repeat this process at least 3 times and also try to pump for a maximum of 8 times.

Loading pellets

Again check your gun whether it is on safe mode or not for loading pellets. Put your gun on safe. Then push the bolt handle up and pull it back to open the bolt. Next, you need to Insert the pellet into the port with the pellet’s nose lying forward and push the bolt handle forward into its position. To lock the gun pulls the handle down. Now you are fully prepared for shooting at your desired target.

But need to be careful about some points-

  • Do not over pump your gun it may damage your gun or may cause an accident or serious injury
  • After your shooting try to keep a single pump in this rifle
  • Sometimes it may take extra time while pumping. So be patient and give the pumping action necessary time to be a reflex



The Benjamin 392 is a medium to high noise level gun. So it is definitely a loud one. The sound effects the surroundings of people. It makes a high noise which may disturb your neighbors and older people. Though it is best for pest elimination you need to be careful about the sound. It is recommended to use in a sparse population area. If you use it in a populated area you should be prepared for the worst scenarios.



Small maintenance can make the rifle long-lasting. A light coat of Crosman Pellgun oil needs to be used in the barrel to prevent rust. But before using it, make sure that your gun is unloaded. Also to keep the gun function smooth apply some oil drops on the pump lever pivot. The gun can be worked for years without much caring as it is designed for long-lasting.


Shooting range and where to use

The air rifle is pretty simple and easy to use. It is best for small range shooting and the effective shooting range is 40 to 50 yards. The rifle is best to use in small game hunting, target shooting, plinking and pest control.


Additional Accessories

Additional accessories are not requiring in this gun. But a scope with a special intermount can be used on this rifle.



This product has a one-year limited warranty after the date of purchasing. If any defects in material and workmanship are found then it is also transferrable. Original receipt of your purchase is needed to qualify for this warranty program. Again, for repairing service, Crosman authorized Service center will void the warranty.



The Benjamin 392 is a price-worthy product. The price is very less according to its features and making. It costs about $150. But considering its making of genuine hardwood and metal and amazing accuracy and power, it is a reasonable one. You may find different price listings on various online retailed websites and shops too.



  • It can give a timeless performance and dependable accuracy
  • It is a light-weight gun
  • It has a sophisticated appearance with a classic look
  • It has a reliable and durable hardwood stock
  • The accuracy is sharp enough and it makes the gun great for hunting
  • It has a very low springer recoil, allowing the user to maintain shooting stability
  • It is a powerful gun
  • The amazing Monte Carlo design makes the gun look classic one
  • The rear sights can be adjusted in case of windage and elevation
  • It comes with a deadly shooting power up to 800 fps
  • It is easy to load the pellet
  • It has a great knockdown power
  • A little upkeep maintenance can make it long-lasting
  • It is a budget-friendly gun for newbie


  • It has no scope rail to use
  • It gives medium velocity
  • The pumping action is tiresome
  • The trigger is a bit harder to pull
  • It is a medium to high noise level gun so the sounds are annoying for others


  • Until you are fully prepared for shooting try to keep the air rifle on safe mode.
  • The gun should be operated under adult supervision. Otherwise, it may cause serious injury to death
  • Avoid petroleum-based lubricants for oiling the product
  • This product can expose chemicals including lead and that can cause cancer to birth defects. So be careful while using the gun

Customers Review about the product

There are lots of reviews regarding this product and most of the reviews are positive. People love it for its classic look, beautiful fit, and finish. Also, the power, reliability, durability, compactness attract the people. The light-weight and easiness of loading pellets make its users friendly. The accuracy and recoilless features help the newbie to use it smoothly. But the most negative reviews that come for the product is its loud noise and pumping action. The pumping action is not suitable for weak arm persons and the noise also makes people disturbed. So by fixing these issues, it can be the best choice for any shooting lovers’ lists.



The Benjamin 392 is an amazing air rifle with sharp accuracy, power, and durability. It has an excellent shooting capacity along with low springer recoil. The reliability, durability, compactness make it remarkable. It is a price worthy product and you’ll not regret buying this.

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