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Updated on: July 28, 2019 || Posted by: William Oneil

Shooting is one of the most playing game on this world and many people are loving to practice their aim in backwards. For practising targets or for small hunting light-weight, the single-shot and interchangeable caliber of Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 can be the best choice. Along with its speeds, it can give the best accuracy.

Here have a glimpse on the review of Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 and take some ideas before purchasing your desired ones.

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Gun Type

Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 is basically Spring Piston air rifle. Most people are familiar with this spring-piston air-rifles. This type is the simplest air-rifles to shoot, keep up and possess. Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 works by the power of a cylinder compressing the air before it to control a pellet. That means, the spring is discharged and drives a piston forward, moving a pellet out of the barrel with the pressure of air. When the gun fires, a strong spring or charge of compressed air drives the piston.  Other than a spring, in the past, both explosive and gun powder have been used to control the piston. 

This gun is break barrel and can do a single shot. It has .177- and .22-caliber rifled steel barrels which are interchangeable. It has 11mm scope grooves in the receiver. It has an automatic safety system with ported muzzle brake for extra cocking leverage.



The accuracy of Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 is incredible. It can provide accuracy up to 10 yards. In .22 caliber it can send the projectile slower like 800-830 FPS than the .177 around 1000 FPS with almost doubling the power. This air gun can shoot groupings that will be the reason for the jealousy of your companions or competitors.


Caliber and barrel

Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 has dual interchangeable calibers – .177 and .22 calibers. Here .177 and .22 caliber is the most commonly used caliber used in air guns. This .177 caliber (4.5mm) is best for field target competition as well as hunting small game. Along with .22 caliber is popular for pest removing and hunting in small range. 22 caliber is used as an extra barrel and it shoots for maximum customization.  It is easy and can quickly change from one caliber to another. The satin nickel-plated receiver and barrel are designed to corrosion free. It also has a ported muzzle brake.



Usually, Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 has no front, rear and back sight. As it has no traditional sight no additional screwdriver will be needed. It has an automatic safety process with a fairly decent scope of 3-9*32 scope and mounts. It has also elasticized lens covers and 2 hex wrenches.



The trigger is designed with a long pull which is almost 1/2”. RS1 2-stage sporter trigger is used in this rifle. Behind the trigger blade, there is a large adjustment screw and it is passable through the hole on the bottom of the trigger guard. With the proper turning, it can give the best result. Like turning to clockwise can increase trigger pull and counterclockwise can decrease trigger-pull. But at the same time, improper adjustment can do harm as well.



In all-weather synthetic stock with textured grip and forearm is used. This Synthetic stock is a great option for real-life hunting of small game or indoor games or others. As it is weather resistant, it cannot make any damage like dampness or others. At the same time for the stock the gun is incredibly durable. The stock makes the gun scratch resistant. This synthetic options also make a great alternative to lighten the load.



The bullet speed was somewhere close to 1000 FPS for .177 caliber and for .22 caliber speed is up to 830 FPS. This shoots a 177 caliber Pellet that movements up to 1,200 feet for every second and a 22 caliber Pellet that movements up to 950 feet for each second.


Penetration Power

The pellets went effectively through 2 or 3 pop cans lined up. That means a clean hole can be made to the target point and can easily go through it. Exact penetration power can make the gun more accuracy power which is much more need for target shooting.


How to cock, load and close

Cocking the gun :

Point the air rifle in a safe mode. Handle the stock behind the trigger guard. Position your other hand on the barrel simply behind the front sight. Break the barrel by easily turning it descending until the positioning activity is finished. Try not to utilize unreasonable power or speed.

Loading the pellet:

Then insert a solitary pellet (nose/ head first) into the breech until the skirt is flush with the breech. To keep the barrel from shutting all of a sudden, dependably control the barrel during the stacking procedure. Try not to move the security to the FIRE position during stacking. Fingers need to be outside of the trigger guard until the barrel comes back to the bolted position, you are on target and you are prepared to take your shot.

Closing the gun:

Close your air rifle by rotating the barrel upward until it bolts over into position. This should be finished with enough power to bolt the barrel yet not all that viciously that it harms the airgun. The automatic safety is presently locked in. The wellbeing is situated before the trigger gatekeeper or on the beneficiary. To get ready to fire, push the security toward the FIRE position. 

Make certain of your objective and realize what’s behind or close to your objective.


Highlighted Specifications
Caliber .177- and .22-caliber
Max Velocity 1000 fps
Loudness 3-Medium
Overall Length 47.5″
Shot Capacity 1
Barrel Break barrel
Ammo Type Pellets
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Powerplant Spring-piston
Trigger Two-stage non-adjustable



Best Uses with shooting range

The practical shooting range is about 10 yards or more. This product is popular for target shooting, pest controlling or other small game hunting or indoor games competition. As the gun is spring piston type it is easy for shooting the desired target and achieve it with the maximum accuracy.



The price is the best buy you’ll find for a weapon of this quality. You can find the quality product at an affordable price. Different online e-commercial sites are selling this product at different prices.

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It makes noise which is worrying for neighbors or other surroundings people. In the hunting field with maximum accuracy, it makes people irritate. It creates medium noise.


  • It can shoot well with advanced technology.
  • The scope is good 
  • Hard hitting
  • It is overall accurate and well made 
  • It is simple to use 
  • Easy to cock, load and close


  • The weight is pretty well for shooting but not for carrying. So for that for young shooters, it is not appropriate.
  • This air rifle needs to be used by responsible adults all the time. Otherwise, it can cause serious injury. Any kind of occurrence like death can also happen without the proper use of it.
  • This gun makes a loud noise. This is irritating for surroundings people.



After purchasing the Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 a one year warranty will be issued from the date of purchase.



It needs small but proper maintenance to get the best result and for long-lasting use. Oil and lubricant should not be used in an air compression chamber and piston. The barrel requires minimal care. To get the exact accuracy the bore should be cleaned with lightly oil patched rather than regular firearm cleaner. The screws also need to be tightened before packing it for storing. Before storing the Beeman Silver Kodiak X2, they need to be given a decent cleaning with a high evaluation polarizing oil. You can also read my full air rifle maintenance guide.


Customer Impressions

There are huge reviews about this product. Both positive and negative reviews are shown for this Beeman Silver Kodiak X2. For its accuracy, penetration power, great design, dual interchangeable barrel, easy cocking, loading and closing process along with it’s hard-hitting and simplicity makes it popular to its customers. On the other hand, the negative reviews are mostly for its noise system and of faulty features during the manufacturing process.


You can see the review video of Silver Kodiak X2

Video credit: cutlerylover (YouTube channel)


Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 can give you the best experience of your target shooting. With its hard-hitting power, easy cocking and loading of the pellet along with its easy using method makes this air gun more demanding for shooters and small hunting gamers nowadays. To experience the thrill of Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 it is highly recommended.

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