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How to Remove Rust from Air Rifle | Most Easy Techniques

Rust is considered as one of the biggest enemies of all metal objects like- firearms, collectors, and others. It doesn’t only destroy the value and appearance of an air rifle but also it harms the performance of the rifle. As rust is oxidation of iron oxide, it can break down and converts the metal of […]

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What is an air rifle? All Basic Discussion That You Need to Know

An air rifle or air-gun is a sort of weapon that dispatches projectiles pneumatically with compressed air or other gases. These air or gases are pressurized precisely without including any chemical reactions, as opposed to a firearm. This rifle can generate propulsive energy by breaking molecular bonds. The very first air rifle “Girandoni air rifle” […]

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Air Rifle Laws || Read Before Buying An Air Rifle

Air rifles are not a toy gun at all. It has some specific laws and regulations which differ widely from country to country or state to state. Every jurisdiction has its very own meaning of an air gun; and guidelines may change for weapons of the various bore, gag vitality or speed, or material of […]

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Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

To get a great experience in hunting small games or pest removing or even in the field of target shooting a powerful air rifle is needed to reach out to further distances. Benjamin Prowler is the most common name that you have heard mostly for its quality finish and fitness.  Along with a lighter cocking […]

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Crosman Benjamin Discovery Dual Fuel Air Rifle Review

Are you in search of a single shot, lightweight, all the necessary safety features with easy setup and use an air rifle for your hunting or shooting? Then definitely the Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Dual Fuel is the best option for you. For both the left and right-hand users the Benjamin Discovery is […]

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Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup PCP Air Rifle Review

Weapons are always considered as a symbol of power and elite. But with the passes of time, the purposes of having an air rifle has also changed. Nowadays people use an air rifle for hunting, shooting, target shooting, pest removals and so on. So for that, there are many options in the market and getting […]

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