A .177 vs .22 Pellet – Reasons Why I Prefer A .22 Caliber

One of the most difficult decisions for a new hunter is to choose between .177 vs .22 pellet. They get confused as both these . 177 and .22 Pellet are very famous in terms of values and popularity.

These pellets were not that much used before. But for the new hunters and sportsmen .177 and .22 are the most favored pellets.  For more than half of a century, the leader of American pellets was .22 and .177 ruled great in Europe at that same periods. But after the 1970, the scenario got changed when this country began to import many European and British models in large numbers. Along with them the preference for .177 also took place.

Well, there are lots of debates and different opinions while choosing between these two pellets. My suggestion will be the .22 caliber for most of the hunters as it is still the most popular across the world.

.177 vs .22 Pellet and Reasons Why I Prefer a .22 Caliber

Well, everyone can have a different opinion on choosing his pellet for air rifles and guns. With some extensive experience in hunting and outdoor sports, I have my favorite in the comparison between .177 vs .22 Pellet. As I mentioned above, my choice is the .22 caliber pellet. Now I am going to give you 5 reasons for preferring a .22 caliber over .177 calibers below.

Reason 1: Increased Power

Power is one of the important factors of hunting. It helps to hit the target with a perfect performance from a decent distance. Without power, hitting long distance target and striking it will be very difficult. While choosing pellet I consider power first. So, power is one of the reasons to choose .22 caliber.

A .177 vs .22 Pellet power

A .22 caliber can deliver 20% more power per shot than a .177 caliber. If you are using a pellet, then it almost doubles the weight. When you are in a game, it is far more compassionate to hunt with .22 caliber than .177 caliber. So, the 22 caliber has more chances to hit the target than the other one in the field of hunting.

But remember one thing, you can’t avoid .177 caliber pellets. These can also be powerful. If you choose a powerful air gun like PCP then .177 can serve you well. It can hit the desired target as well.

Reason 2: Hunting Supremacy

Damage is another important factor one needs to consider while comparing .177 vs .22 Pellet. And for that .177 caliber cannot be the ideal choice when you are up to hunting. .177 pellets are tiny and these pellets often pass through the target without making enough damage to stop the animal. As a result, you will get a wounded animal suffering and run around, which can be dangerous sometimes.

On the other hand, the .22 caliber bullet comes with better damage capacity. Though .22 calibers cannot guarantee you sure kill, most of the time it kills the animal with a single shot. Some running may happen, but it performs far better than .177 caliber in the game according to the expert hunters opinion. And no doubt, the .22 pellets with same (PCP) air rifle can provide more power then .177 caliber.

Reason 3: .177 vs .22 Accuracy

For losing the accuracy you should blame the gun and scope. Gun and scope play the main role to hit the target accurately. Different pellets have very little to play in this part. But in comparison of .177 vs .22 Accuracy, the .22 caliber pellet is a better choice in different prospects.

As the .22 calibers have better weight than the .177, it gains power and keeps the accuracy level constant. Instead of being a bit slower, .22 caliber has the power to hit and maintain the accuracy and make a huge impact on the target.

Reason 4: More Option for Hunting

Small games can be killed easily with an accurate and precise shot. With a .22 caliber, you can kill a bit larger animals than a rabbit also and you don’t have to be 100% accurate always because .22 caliber stuns the game for a few seconds and you can reload and take a second shot.

Reason 5: Closer Range

Undoubtedly the velocity of the .177 caliber is higher and travels more distance than a .22 caliber. My preference is shooting at close range though it’s only my personal opinion. I found myself more accurate when I’m shooting at a close range and it provides additional power when hitting the target.

But I need to mention that the .177 calibers are better for shooting long range targets as it is superior comparing .177 vs. .22 trajectory.

Check out the .177 vs. .22 trajectory graph below.

The difference is very little between .177 calibers and .22 calibers. .22 calibers is little bit heavier than .177. The accuracy is high for both of them. But .22 is preferred for hunters because the pellets are bigger and gain more power while hitting the target.  Though the fps is lower, the heavy impact recovers the lacking of the fps. By the way, I’ve listed top .22 caliber air rifles in another post. You can check this out.


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