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About Me

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by at Hunting Picks. My name is Lawrence C. Peterson, a passionate and dedicated blogger on hunting and outdoor.  I have a deep love and respect for the environment, and I am very passionate about hunting and outdoor adventuring. I am 36 years old and have been into hunting for more than 12 years experiencing different sectors of outdoor adventures.

About Hunting Picks

Hunting Picks is the prime blog destination for avid hunting and surviving enthusiasts, sportsman, and wilder-life persons. We bring together the full width of expertise, valuable & honest information and hunting news found online to make hunting easier and safer for the hunter.

How Did I Start

I have read a lot of books, blogs, personal columns and videos on hunting and outdoor adventuring from the most passionate hunters and enthusiasts. I have been collecting the information on different outdoor sports and hunting, experimenting them with first-hand outdoor experience.

While collecting the resource I thought, my knowledge can help the new enthusiasts a lot with reducing their hassle and help them find the new easy ways.  So I have planned to develop a blog platform, where I can share my experience on hunting and useful tips on survival. Here, I and some of the finest hunting experts will share their priceless tips, advice, and guidance to items, gears, and spots.

What do We do?

Our objective is to provide expert reviews on different outdoor and hunting gears with the information one needs to make a perfect decision on buying an item.

We do not stop there. Rather, we provide in-depth guides and tips on all kinds of outdoor activities on our blog.  So, our reader can enjoy Hunting without being proper and perfect. We focused on providing valuable information on three prime sectors,

  • Hunting
  • Survival
  • Outdoor Sports

We are keen to guide on hunting effectively, answer the questions of readers and news of the new gears on the market. Our dedicated expert members are very professionals with hunting and have vast experience to provide honest and exact information to the viewer.

How to Shop the Best Product – Ultimate Guide

With the introduction of modern technology, hunting, and outdoor sports has changed its shape a lot. The hunting rifles, wearing and gears have improved with the competition from different companies.

The gears have not better reliability and quality for safe and perfect performance in outdoor sports. But like the everything else, the involvement of a lot of companies in producing outdoor gears has created a bit of confusion. Especially to the new buyers.

The companies are focused on providing their promotional reviews of products, so choosing the right item between them can become little difficult. And choosing the wrong item for hunting can have some very serious issues on the field. So, you need some basic guides while choosing the best-fitted gears for outdoor experiences. To make the whole process easier, I am providing a short list of the guide. You can follow this buying guide for choosing any items on hunting, outdoor and surviving.

Budget Consideration

Before buying the popular air rifle or arrow, you should know about your actual budget. Considering the budget will let you choose the products in a shortlisted version, which will get rid a lot of works.

Considering the budget will provide the features and quality into a graph to show you if the item is suited for you or not.

Plan a Checklist

Planning for a checklist can be very effective. You can make a list of features and qualities you want to have your preferred product. Make them into a list, and while considering the gears check if it has the features you are looking for or not.

Also, how many features does this hunting gear has from your list. Make a tick and then consider the item.

Consider the Advantages & Disadvantages

While reviewing the hunting gears and items, you need to check the advantages and specialties of that product. This will give an idea why you should choose the product. If the product has advantages matching with your checklist, then this will be a huge bonus.

Also, check what is the downside of those items. If it is a serious issue, then you can eliminate the item from the list. We will provide the best product list on the market so that you can easily find your preferred items from the top bests.

Last Few Words

I made this guideline with the basic problems I faced in choosing hunting gears in my real life. I hope you will find this guidelines and reviews useful for choosing the best match. The intention of Hunting picks is to purely help our readers with honest opinion and guidance.

Remember, the best gears for one person may not be the best one for another person. So, check all of the above criteria before buying the perfect item that matches your particular desires. If you feel to ask any questions then you can surely ask them in the comment section or let us know through the contact us page.

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